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  1. On certain nights at GOV, it has looked like the only thing they haven't had up their arses is a kick.....😲
  2. Have they ever? Seriously. Nothing i have seen over the years has been anything as good. Or as special.
  3. I have a sneaky feeling you are far from the only one.....! All of GOV could get together, form a Daisy Chain across that villa, and they wouldn't be a country mile near our girls on just one ' Extra special' night!
  4. Well he clearly has a lot of fans - Cam 2 has been in the top row of thumbs all night, why, who knows because the girls have been in bed for hours! 😆
  5. So many great times to choose from already, that first ever Saturday night in May where they 'touched' one another for the first time is still a special moment and has an atmosphere all to itself - Most likely because none of us were expecting anything like it, but for me the best 2 massages so far are June 24th - The first 'Big' night together, where they were soaking wet everywhere at the end and changed the bed sheets after (!), that was a real treasured moment (And got a standing ovation from the entire forum that night!), and the other one actually not mentioned much - July 27th, a Nuru m
  6. Thank you Sir! ....Even though you sound surprised i was capable of such sentiments.....😂
  7. Yeah that was the cider night. Spent ages on the couch and then onto the bed. Malia took full control of that night! This was in the 8 day period where so much happened, the night before they had a shared bath (Thanks to 'Someone' pissing her off, so she decided to play with Malia instead), then a lot of touchy feely fun in the days after, before the next Wednesday where they had a 'Full On' massage session.
  8. It was Wednesday September 16th, for the record. After this they went into the bedroom, watched porn and bated each other. So this is the date to look out for in future if a video ever appears anywhere.
  9. Before i say this, it is not critical, in a 'I demand more!' way whatsoever, just how i feel that when you watch someone every day, you can tell a difference, in behaviour, in attitude etc, and i think over the last 2 weeks, things have changed - Again. Not in a good way. If anything, Leora's demeanour for me now is 'That will do', just enough to keep things ticking over, enough to earn top thumb and keep the views rolling in. Looking over her shoulder, almost literally at times, at others not only taking on the battle, but stealing her thunder - And views. The bate on Saturday was easy -
  10. I guess the date should be January 7th rather than February 7th - Malia arrived Jan 15th, so it has to be before then.
  11. The apartment is so quiet some nights, you can hear the neighbours changing their minds.
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