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  1. My comments are valid and are directed towards the tenants. Who is the troll now Jabbath? YOU ARE!
  2. Hey Nack. Those were long ago. I guess it’s just too much to ask for an apt with tenants, who don’t have a fucking manager, and just so happen to live a fun filled, interesting life, and they ALWAYS live as if the cams were not there at all. Not to mention tenants who don’t read CamCaps and try to befriend their camjohns for more attention and information. James lied! Vhtv is exactly the kind of site interested in hosting cam whore people, who work the cams for money.
  3. What you are talking about is a production, a staged event designed for views, that is money. Apartments like this are a dime a dozen and are pretty much the only thing there is left on vhtv. In fact the whole niche has progressed into cam shows across all of the voyeurism sites because of what vhtv does. Vhtv has completely lost sight of what voyeurism is supposed to be about. It’s all about managers hiring destitute people to have sex and stick their pussies into cams all day long. If I sound pissed, it’s cause I am. I am a voyeur and vhtv ruined something that was special and interesting an
  4. Yep! I think I would agree with you. Unfortunately, neither apt do I find the least bit interesting. Pretty sad that vhtv can host over 40 apts and pretty much none of them are actual voyeur tenants, just sex slaves to a thug manager until their shelf life expires and their daily earnings fall short of the bills. Blah!
  5. I bet VHTV told her that she had to moonlight on a free cam. Good! That was my idea a long time ago. All web camming should have be done in a room with a free cam only.
  6. When AA leave, the apt is doomed. Enough with these recycled has beens. Zzzzzzzzzz
  7. Haha! Tenants acting like they aren’t here for making money with their sex life. Get real! Their whole click is trying to con you guys into a relationship and then shoving the pussy into a cam like it’s a cash machine. Sooooooo natural! 😝
  8. Maybe he likes that she has a dick. I know I do. 💋
  9. The only thing most of the people here care about anymore is whether or not they can make a new entry into their log books. Apparently, knowledge is the new cum. Joy!
  10. Cause the girls pussies are old news and the phone has promise for something new and exciting or just a distraction from the boredom of being in a cage all day. 20 year old guys already bored of sex. Ah, the pitfalls of having sex for a living. Too bad vhtv doesn’t just host regular people, who aren’t working for a sex thug manager, who actually have interesting lives, and when they do have sex, they have great sex. Nope! That’s too hard and the porno viewers would get bored and leave. Progress! Yay 💩
  11. They already made their daily earning requirements. No more pussy for you! Tune in tomorrow for another dose. 😂
  12. Who would you say is the most real on vhtv? Don’t say the lovely couple in Italy. They don’t count because they don’t have to play by the same rules as the others. If I were an actual voyeur and wanted a fly on the wall experience, who would I have to watch?
  13. Looks like the moonlighting job is in progress. I think if it comes to this, that’s a sign you just might be a washed up voyeur tenant. How’s their management job going? I have no idea if they even have anyone working for them or not. Nonetheless, they seriously don’t look like they are thrilled to be here anymore.
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