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  2. Had the Skype chat with Paul, another call with him at lunchtime and right now. All very nice!
  3. GOOD!! That's the last thing she needs right now! It would tear her throat up, she would regret it!
  4. So if Malia's gone out overnight, fine with me! WHY SG??? Not like you to say that! (I don't know who i meant to be talking to here 🙃) 5 consecutive nights in, entertaining twice, simply enjoying each other's company the rest, and has to be said, been together in general a lot anyway. So yeah, go to your boyfriends Malia, why not! Good again for both girls to have time alone. Good as well to see Leora is feeling that bit better (no i don't mean what she did before!). BUT! She still needs to be careful - Cold not gone properly and still not that warm outside, especially nights, still
  5. The good news is, her throat is much better, finally! She didn't cough or blow her nose much at all last night, and after a week, the sprays and hot drinks are doing their job! 🙂 But her sinuses are still bothering her, she bought rubbing oil to put on her temples and forehead, plus she has neck ache - Maybe then, going out in the night air for 2 hours didn't help eh! 🤨This is why these things linger!
  6. Ok, good! There's the pile of ironing there to do, that would save them some time.
  7. And also, how she can sometimes get more busy when her Auntie arrives too!
  8. Yeah, either that or a bit more fresh air from the window being open slightly.
  9. I reckon this is to do with getting nearer to the hot air vents. Did this last night for a while too.
  10. Starry eyed texting. As she always does after being out. Same as her texting as soon as a call ends, must be the modern thing to do. She still reacts to every single text as if it's the greatest text message she has ever received, even though it's the 4000th one sent to her. Even after all this time. Strange.
  11. Strawberry Alarm Clock, Incense and Peppermints. Kind of like that right now!!
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