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  1. Oi watch it!! You'll have to get past me first Sonny!! 😄
  2. Oh not this again!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO forget that. I keep making the mistake.
  3. And yet another Balcony and Shisha night. Oh, what absolute unbridled joy.😡 Shit place, shit view, shit sound, shit reasons. Like a still picture for 3 hours. Worst thing altogether. Well i guess this is all part of taking the rough with the smooth now. Maybe they find it funny. Welcome to bloody Summer.
  4. I do hope Malia keeps her new hairstyle rather than go back to the fringe, this is the perfect look for her.🌟
  5. She needs to switch that bloody thing off, and herself off too. She's been awake now for 25 hours.
  6. Malia just went to the toilet, walked right past her and Leora said nothing. And so she is still there wondering what to do. 🤷‍♀️
  7. If you know you have a problem, but keep the windows open all the time.....
  8. And that bug that made her scream out loud then won't help either.
  9. Yes it was. She spent a long while looking at social etc but then has been dealing with Shelter stuff for the last few hours, and has yet to go to sleep. She's been awake now over 24 hours.
  10. That's it! All that spoiled it was that. That's simply how it would work, and maybe lying a slightly different way on the bed too. If they get it right next time, it could be a very special moment.
  11. Impossible. Both cams are the same end of the room and the wrong angle. Would never work in Malia's room. That tonight was the right thing to do, trying something new and get things moving on again another little step, but no good if it can't been seen!
  12. If that had been on Leora's side of the bed or sideways, think how much better it would have been.
  13. Ok, a great idea and it was saved at the end but - What happened for the first half? Who knows - Your guess is as good as mine. That pillow obscured all of cam 10 and even cam 8 was a guessing game! A little penetration from Leora, a tiny bit, but no idea if Malia did at all. You simply couldn't see. As i say - Great move, they really got into it, and something new and unexpected to spice things up, but another example of trial and error. It's amazing how something as trivial as a pillow can wreck it!! That tonight WOULD have worked perfectly otherwise. Next time....
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