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  1. she's certainly spreading her wings amongst other things 6am and no sign of her, starting to think you doesn't give a shit anymore
  2. it looked like Martina handed him a PS5 on her birthday, I'm surprised he hasn't set it up yet
  3. marta had shower martina looked too drunk to have one they then went out
  4. it wont be better for him as he'll have to stand on his own two feet
  5. so suddenly they're on topic you need to get over yourself matey there's worse things going on in the world without someone giving someone grief for accidently posting on the wrong sub forum just shoot me now 😣
  6. just seen nelly, jeezo ive seen more fat on a butchers knife in dire need of a good feed
  7. ok you keep hold of her name then, then everyone will be envious of you 😄
  8. it will keep him pacified when shes away doing what she does the box looked like a PS.5 and they're not cheap he had one massive mile on his face he was like a kid on Christmas morning
  9. yeah seen that it was like was saying don't forget me a bit of reassurance wouldnt go wrong
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