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  2. Hi Barry,

    I am trying very hard to ignore Solembum. He started off favourable towards Leora then decided that Paul was bad for her (not an uncommon view) but then starting blaming Leora for not leaving him It did not take him long before starting to criticise every aspect of her so that is bordering on abuse. He also has a problem with me because I suggested the reason he turned against her was because he tried to contact her (like several do, but not me) and she spurned him, so his repeated name calling was akin to that of a 5 year old. Since then I have also been a target despite the fact that I told him I was ignoring his bile.

    Unfortunately i see what he says on the activity and if people quote him. Obviously I agree with his freedom to express himself, I just do not get why he persists with little or no support.

    I wrote this as an alternative to attacking him on the board.



    1. Barry Elephant

      Barry Elephant

      Thanks for wise-ing me up

      Can't believe he tried to contact her. That's just mad!