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  1. That's fine, but I assume you're American? Remember that I'm connected to the same piece of rock as Scotland, so I am lucky enough to have easy access to some of the best Whiskeys in the world
  2. Yes, but only with bad whiskey (Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort etc.) It is a crime to mix good whiskey with coke
  3. I hope she is leaving, and not going to B2. I am sure she is a very nice girl but she has not been a memorable tenant. Maybe 2 new / returning girls within a couple of days? I am excited to see who is coming!
  4. Perhaps you didn't see that Noldus said 'The last ones' who have lived there? He posted the rest of the list in another post...
  5. Rosie is taking the big room, she already started to move in. Hopefully this means a better view for us if she starts bating in her new bathroom
  6. On this occasion we can be fairly certain that Belle does know about BB, she reads CamCaps most days and she can't have missed his many, many posts
  7. Every girl is here to earn, Mike. You don't think they are giving up months of their lives for free?
  8. Can we hope that Anna is returning sometime soon? I'd love to see her replace Belle and have fun with Rosie
  9. I didn't know you were referring only to pussy feeling within that particular set of girls, I was referring to all girls who have been through Barca. Wasn't trying to say you were wrong BB, you said 'none of the others have managed more than 2' which as a fragment statement on it's own is incorrect, and that's how I read it Most people here like Belle BB, but you just have to remember that she's not in the 'Dream Team' for many of us regardless of what she did last September. ------ My Dream Team of 6 would be Irma, Jess, Stella, Anna, Becca and Megan
  10. Well that's just wrong about Irma mate! Off the top of my head I can name Danaya, Jess, Stella, Belle, Nora, and Ilona as pussies that she's felt up, licked or fingered!
  11. I think that was a one-off with Megan, like she wanted to experiment but is actually straight. But I'd love to see those two back anyway, Megan did seem to fancy Becca quite a lot (me too )
  12. Good evening guys, just got home, not a lot to catch up on (lucky for me, not so lucky for you!)
  13. Yeah I'm sure they have to tell anyone they bring there about the cams, and there's probably a poster by the door saying the same thing
  14. Yeah that argument was always weird to me, people who said 'they're only doing it to put on a show!' Good! We want a nice show!
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