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  1. I hope fully that they came back and miss with each other
  2. I hope Irma and Ilona come back put same excitement in this apartment well i'am off
  3. well there in bed i'm not going to watch them sleep good night
  4. so Kirsty fake's her masturbation noooooooot I seen her masturbate in the tub and same of you still calling her a fake she look's real to me lol
  5. I know that I was joking with you guy's I for got to put the smiling face up
  6. I do not watch RLC that much so what is Kirsty doing sleeping ?
  7. hi bonnie how are you? well I was not watching d&R I do not really watch that apartment any ways
  8. Well I see not much. Is happening. But I do wish someone. Would stop hating on Bonnie and blue I am going to find some thing to do you guys. Take care
  9. has for bonnie who spend to much time watching rlc what was it 15 hours a day just to see the loving rita be naked wtf bonnie get a life spend less time on rlc. I go on rlc to see what's going on if noting is happen I log off.
  10. no comment's well Harley can be annoying saying the same thing over and over again he sound like a broken record
  11. okay your right about the idiot's and fools part but it was wrong for mike69 to call you and Harley that