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  1. I hope elisa boyfriend show up same day and I hope she dose not hide the fucking lol
  2. Kirsty and kamila went to bed cuz of jet lag I hope they sleep it off
  3. like I said it's elisa bf turn to show up if he can with losing he's job
  4. I have seen elisa masturbation video from yesterday it was okay
  5. you have vika bearded wonder bf and the lonely elisa well I do pop in RLC and see what's going on time to time but I will not watch it hours on end
  6. leora is the most beautiful lady on RLC
  7. you guy's know we have a chat room right why dnot you guy's fight in the chat room
  8. i would love to see Kirsty and kamla back tomorrow
  9. now we know what vika boyfriend looks like now it's elisa boyfriend turn to show up with out him losing his job. if he can get a pay vacation
  10. sorry guy's like I said i'm not watching RLC my danaya is gone but not forgotten
  11. we should have a welcome home party for Kirsty and kamila