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  1. mikeusa

    New girl MEGAN

    megan you maybe shy but keep it up slowly and let's see if you open up same if you can do that
  2. mikeusa

    New girl LOLA

    lola maybe tall with legs that go all way up but who will climb them to get at her pussy any takers
  3. mikeusa

    New Girl Amy

    amy your young nice looking lady with a body to die
  4. mikeusa


    nothing happen iam just commenting on what I saw today when they was watching t.v. and when her and Ilona was just playing around
  5. mikeusa

    New girls STELLA

    i'm happy that stella join in the fun good job girl
  6. mikeusa


    happy to see Ilona had fun today just being herself
  7. mikeusa


    i'm happy to see Irma being playful and has a smile on her face keep smile girl
  8. mikeusa

    New girl Polya

    polya was all smile's today i'm happy to see that on a lady
  9. Leora yes she is hot with nice leg's that go's up to her camel toe
  10. no lev is boring it should be just taboo and zoya in that apartment LOL I wish any way lev is not there that's a good thing not a bad thing
  11. as long as Kirsty is happy and smiling all the time being funny and cute and also sweet
  12. I do not watch this apartment that much cuz there a little boring but the sex is okay
  13. i'm going cuz in 30mins smackdown will start good night peeps
  14. hay benfold Irma just text me to tell you to seek in her window tonight LOL
  15. Ilona is the one who leaving cuz whenever they to same thing epic same one is leaving like Ilona