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  1. Конечно. С обычной работы тебя выгнали бы максимум через месяц.
  2. Лучшее, что ты в моих глазах сделал на проекте, - попытался починить бойлер в прошлогоднем летнем лагере.
  3. Век бы тебя, полуимпотента и бездельника, не видать!
  4. Russian. The apt is situated at Russian Federation.
  5. I didn`t. I know about last episode with Miss Kitchen Knife. Boa talked about it a lot of time by phone. Miss Kitchen Knife borrowed money from someone of Sadie`s team @500 [email protected] She was offered to take more active part in the life of apt. Some day ago another male guest by phone demanded brutally the dept payment too.
  6. I remembered only one phrase: Я с тобой нормально разговариваю.
  7. ONLINE AGAINE. Miss Kitchen Knife here too. Who will become her next victime? This or this
  8. Ukraine 1,5 litres of brand name water in supermarket € 0.3 1,5 liters of "normal" pure water costs € 0.06. 1,5 litres of tap water - only my wife knows.
  9. How to buy the pure water in post-USSR countries
  10. On the contrary, it is special purified water for drinking and cooking.
  11. Historical location. The southern coast os the Baltic Sea. Today partly Germany, partly Poland.
  12. How many money your so called businessman loose due to fines?
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