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  1. Aftenoon. Great cleaning. The new management is action. Did not make 100 k views per day - wash your floors. First in his apartment, then in Elsa’s apartment.
  2. Why only BIG BROTHER VHTV is guilty. If a most part of participats is doing something to be interesting for their audiince?
  3. Lavender seems to me a very occasional guest in this apt.
  4. I d like to know how many sec will be the duration the fight between VHTV Connor and real Connor MakGregor.
  5. INTERESTING NEW. The real name of Cornelius from Ancient Rome too.
  6. We are seeing the card game but are dreaming about ganbang!
  7. The guest couple is sexual but not artistic. D&D are not too sexual but artistic. What is better?
  8. It maybe the activity before the election of the President of Ukraine 31 march.
  9. In Ukraine as usual If you have an official contract the boss pay all bills ang you recieve on your credit card the money AFTER. If you prefer to take cash you dont pay any bills and dont have any social garanties. AS I Know all the partiipants have their money on credit card.
  10. Somthing from tle laws of USA Missuri Illegally drinking an elephant with beer Montana It is forbidden to throw balls within the city Nebraska A mother cannot do her daughter's perm without having a state license. Nevada It is forbidden to ride a camel on the highway. SomNew Hampshire It is forbidden to take algae from the beach. On Sundays, citizens are forbidden to relieve, looking up. It is forbidden to work with machinery on Sundays. New Jersey You can not fill your own gasoline. Refueling will surely provide you with full service. New mexico State officials decided to cut out 400 words of an “explicitly sexual nature” from Romeo and Juliet. New York The punishment for jumping from a building is death. THIS COUNTRY IS SICK TOO????? Dura lex, sed lex
  11. The watching porno in Ukraine is legal (Article 301 of Criminal Code). I know very well that I AM LEGAL BUT AMORAL.
  12. I think so. The first on the forum they tried to blame VH for the sexual exploitation of teens (less than 18 years). Their posts you can find in archive. In the classic version A. Duma "The earl Monte-Cristo" such kind of vengeance is very noble.
  13. My more real version was - no Gargamel but Paisley and Cleytus.
  14. Bonny and Clyde invited all their old partners to help them in fortification of the last Ukranian bastion on VHTV!
  15. Dear members.Let me introduce one of the winner in the situation of VHTV shutdown. s Did you recognized him? Sure. The futur angel GARGAMEL!