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  1. Выразить Вам свое негодование и пожелать как можно скорее покинуть проект, который Вы начали портить своим присутствием.
  2. Madame, my parties will be more boring. But I dont pretend to take part in shows an d receive money for it. I have my own job . If I like the project I do it as well as possible. If I dislike the project I refuse to do it. But I NEWER spoil my job.
  3. Потому что давно утратили интерес к проекту, перестали работать и превращаете вечеринки, организованные Александрой, в унылую многочасовую тягомотину.
  4. Zack writes that he has been in the project for almost three years. Surprisingly, with this experience, this tenant should become more and more interesting to the audience. Instead, he gets worse. Now blonde rapist seems to me more attractive than Zack 2.0.
  5. I think that someone in this apartment is superfluous.Who is he/she? Boring Sergio&Melissa!
  6. For me Piper&Hunter is an apt where are living the most amusing pet of VHNV - black Guinean mini pig Coco
  7. For me Ruta&Chrastian are Otto&Lola 35-40 years aged.
  8. As I see they have a fried pigeon for dinner.
  9. Me - yes. Much better that English or French. But I said a lot of times in my posts that it is very difficult to translate the speaks of the tenants. They are very unlogique and 50% of the words - fuck an mother fuck - @[email protected] @ eb tvoyu [email protected]
  10. It happened a big family scandal. I remembered one phrase of Dominessa @I love you despite the fact that you fucked two sluts and got pleasure in front of [email protected]
  11. Sir!

    I dont agree with you. You may be right for the newcomers. Martin&Marilyn for exemple.

    Let s remember the first day of  Corn&Elise in Janyary 2019. Every day - a mass of guests. 

    I think that Sandra is not enough communicable for the project.

    Now I don't see the perspectives the new-old apt.




  12. My first impression after rebrending 0 guests 0 new girls = 0 watchable of Sandy & Corn.
  13. M&S get visited the girl from Mira&Henri team. What does it means? Or a new social program from VHTV started?
  14. After some days of inactivity Mr. Cornelius Sleeper arrived. A new 24 h in bed round started.
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