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  1. Sorry, I haven't been following but what's wrong with Gina? Last time i subscribe she gave PLENTY of nudity, which is great.
  2. Well, since your expectation of me is so low. Which is fine by me. I suggest you leave me alone on my next posts.
  3. Are you just throwing question? It seems like you're expecting really really smart reading material from me about limp dick sex. Which you won't get, Fatboy.
  4. Whoa, why the hostility? If you really wanna read some smartass material. This is not the place. Maybe try huffington post?
  5. Hey that's true. It was really amazing that she doesn't bother to put any clothes on when she's confronting(?) Nicole. Awesome Jess!
  6. Maybe I missed something, but the sex was nothing more than fingering. Probably the guy's tired after having sex for about 12 hours before.
  7. 13.40 I think Nicole just blew up an egg in the microwave. Try to make a little hole in the egg before you cook it in the microwave, Nicole.
  8. Based on what I've paid. I'm happy just by seeing Jessica frequently cooking topless on her apron. Like right now.
  9. Goddammit, I subscribe to RLC to have some fun and now I have to worry about Nicole!
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