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  1. Misty - Part #2

    ok golfer06, thank you. But it was when (I'm only there for 1 month)
  2. Misty - Part #2

    # 28 refers to the 28 men with whom misty to sleep. But, from when did you start counting ???
  3. then, in the same position as the second picture, she made several kisses on her arm, and then she kissed him lovingly on the cheek. Then she went to look for alan?
  4. Masha & Sasha

    Nothing sexual happened. And yet, it was the right time ....... But, they stopped the massage and the guest got dressed.
  5. But it's awful to do that to someone !!!!!!!!!! Nina is cruel with alan. She is lesbianise with serena and he hears everything !!!! He's going to be traumatized all his life. What a horror! It's wicked to do that. Why does Nina do this to alan ??? I am extremely shocked !!!
  6. Alicia & Kevin

    Always late at night, always in the room, always in the dark ..........
  7. Hello, I am trying to become a premium member of RLC 3 weeks. But, Segpay refuses my credit card: "card number unknown". I tried everything with Segpay's technical department, Reallifecam customer service, and of course, my bank. My bank tells me that everything is ok, we even tried with a new card but it still does not work !!! Nobody (Reallifecam, Segpay, my bank) does not understand why it does not work !! (invalid card number). I am exasperated and do not know what to do. What do you think ??? Can you help me please?

    1. StnCld316


      I have never been a RLC Subscriber so I don't know how they operate their business or how their payment servers operate.

    2. fee


      Thank you all the same, good news for me, I finally managed to become pemium member this morning.

    3. StnCld316


      Glad to hear you have it resolved.

  8. Lisa

    Bravo Arkey2; your idea is great !!!
  9. Yes, to all members; it is the first that I see words as laudatory for a girl (rcl + vhtv), all the boys (what have seen) seems to have been very impressed. Nobody has the video please ??????
  10. But, I'm surprised. Why was it only Russian participants. Why is not there a quote like RCL or American VHTV. Commercially this would be interesting for them since the international language is English. There would be millions of hadhérers. ??????
  11. Salut Lucas. (avec beaucoup de retard... mais bon..lol). Bon Week end à toi. Good weekend to all.
  12. Masha & Sasha

    ok thank you calatilla, i am waiting ....
  13. Masha & Sasha

    premium members, what happens, what do they do?