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  1. Ok my lovelies! Sorry, but I must take a vow of silence for a while. I'm just too negative at the moment and it just needa to be done. I'll miss you during this time. Have a good time and smile for me! ❤️❤️❤️

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    2. Robwin


      I find that very hard to believe babe but know what you mean, I seem to have lost all interest recently and often can't be bothered to read whats been going on. I have an odd peek from time to time but nothing like i used to. Don't know if i will get the interest back or not but will just have to wait and see. Have really enjoyed our banter in the past and will miss you and Ashley a lot but have to see how i feel. You take care and don't do anything i wouldn't do :rolleyes: :heart::heart::heart:

    3. ooopel


      oh, would to say you my dear, just take care of yourself ,and let anything go as where wants to go and you better to return to my heart in quickly and safely,my arm's and my spirit always open and are waiting for you, just curious i haven't asked about north!! actually i asked you about south,exactly where's St dingo in the map!! ::)expected any time my angel will make visiting to you in very soon..love you always..:heart::heart:


    4. squish


      Just make sure you come back OK?

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