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  1. Looks like VHTV fired their archive worker 🐝 s. Maybe they’ll get a chance to apply for their job again. This idea of sending tickets to support to request recordings is exactly the kind of short sighted stupid things that they do. The archive is a complete mess as it is. Expect it to get much worse with the idiot Twitter guy, James, in charge. 

    Wonder if they fired the historian and that hand of James too? I kind of doubt it. 

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    2. Amy3


      @Slender Man The Twitter idiot is James himself. 

    3. Amy3


      @Robwin I’m shocked they are doing in in public. Normally that sort of talk happens in the hidden room. 

      I take it back, it’s not surprising at all.  They have a job to do and a forum to service. Must keep up the image that something is being done. They have minds to ease ya know. Watch, they’ll save the day and walk away the hero’s of VHTV. The underlings will be so grateful. It’s getting to be embarrassing at this point. 

      Here’s an idea, if you see something that you want to see again, record it yourself and save it on your own drive. Why use the VHTV archive as your storage dump? Are you really going to pay a sub forever? Besides, they delete stuff from the archives all the time.

    4. Robwin


      Already do when needed lol

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