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  1. The division in the VHTV forms is palpable and tainted with a touch of animosity. At this point I think the clubbers should really consider just staying in the club. I still fail to truly understand why they wasting so much time posting pictures in both places other then to get reps from the same people in 2 places. I never really took them to care for that, but maybe I was wrong. The massive, calculated, blatant team effort ignoring of forum members really just makes for 3 forums.  There's the private club, then there is the real forums, but that to is divided up between the club guys who only speak to either people in the club or are at best neutral posters. Then there is another forum that is really just the anarchy side of CamCaps. The anything goes, speak your mind, don't give a fuck side, but sadly it's pretty small and belonging to that club clearly ruins any chance of being a part of the other 2 clubs. So, there really are 3 forums, not just 2 and that's not even counting the other private clubs. What a fucking mess this place really is! I just don't think they are really happy either.  

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