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  1. then live neither in a arabic country nor in russia. they live at ec. no one can no dare for violence or rape in front of cams.
  2. waiting for the working hours for bus. probably 1t 7 o clock am local time
  3. he did at the beginning of night. he was very good.
  4. the tall one with the beard was arabic guy. no idea about the others. the other two were very good at dancing. probably spanish.
  5. salma kissed short guy in black when power gone.
  6. arabic guy gave up. he said ı am going. the girl said to him you are zero. ı suppose he did not pay for full service sex.
  7. apricot


    Interesting that she locks the bathroom door to brush the hair 😁 it is sign of nothing night.
  8. apricot


    Благодарю вас. Надеюсь, вам всегда нравилось наблюдать за вами. Ваше лицо всегда смеется.Давай прийди этой ночью в мои мечты, пусть звезды падают на нас, пусть лунный свет спрячет нас, даю слово что отложил(а) бы восход солнца в другие мои дни, без тебя… (отсюда мораль: ты мое солнце)Ты также дорог для меня как алмаз на дне океана, как звёзды в небе до которых я никогда не достану. love you and ll miss you too much.
  9. apricot


    stop sending me pic at private.😂
  10. apricot

    Ary & George Part #4

    News. This evening @AryGeorge3 are waiting for a playmate. https://voyeur-house.tv/realm20
  11. apricot

    Darcie & Stifler

    ı am not sure alice is drunk. ı think she is playing drunk girl. she is still hungry and burning.
  12. apricot

    Darcie & Stifler

    both the girls are dressed for the club. ı think they are going out for hunting.
  13. apricot

    Ruby & Calvin

    ruby nin köyden arkadaşı ve abisi gelmiş. hadi gel köyümüze geri dönelim, fadimenin düğününde halay çekelim diyorlar. ruby vhtv yi terkedebilir.
  14. apricot


    juliet has sent me .😁
  15. apricot


    ı don't know where my topic has gone