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  1. what are your top 5 fragrances?
  2. 17 pages entryies at seven hours. that must be a record.
  3. just forgot to put 😁 end of my entry. sorry do not wait anything from them. they do nothing. one of them cleans the house wshes feed the cats dail routine. the other cryes(sing) plays some enstruments play video game. they do not have too much frends. they argue always. they stay at same house without speaking eachother for several days. they do sex like pandas once at every three months.they are very boring and annoying. in spite of everthing you like to watch them. ı know them at the beginning. they are not as productive as said. they ll be new em and sid of vhtv. they do nothing but people ll watch them and ll make comments on them.
  4. tgreesome foursome orgies very beatifull awesome friends
  5. they are very social they have many friends visitinig them they are swinging they give crazy parties they have always sex too much fun you ll love to watch every second
  6. these cats are very different. they feel everything regarding their mothers.
  7. ı am vey hopefull for the future. one day ll come we ll be able to visit vhtv houses(incall)
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