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  1. The coolest arsonist I've ever seen. The woman set fire to the Wendy's restaurant. as if she was making Turkish coffee on the stove.
  2. The human is afraid that he doesn't actually know. Information suddenly reduces fear because information is power. If someone who knows the reasons, conditions and reasons of what he / she is afraid of explains what he / she is afraid of in his mind, his / her fear will decrease. Because what he fears is no longer a mystery, it becomes a threat to avoid. This threat also has certain prerequisites and elements. Then preventing the creation of these prerequisites and eliminating their elements in advance can protect us to some extent from facing our fears.
  3. great reset - controlled chaos - globalists & nationalists - superior or upper mind - Rothschild - blockchain - crispr technology - HYDROGEL -LUSIFERAZ - ID2020 -Grafting MIT Quantum Dots (QD) - göbeklitepe -rockefellers - Saving data to DNA - georgia guide stones - Creating a BLOCKCHAIN Based Digital Identity and Medical database - denver airport - bill gates - starlink - melinda gates - Pirbright instute - DIGITAL IDENTITY / VACCINE - 060606 Cryptocurrency mining with Body Energy - 5G / emf - INCREASED / EXPANDED / HYBRID REALITY TECHNOLOGY - Synthetic Telepathy - biocomputer - Organic Computer - hologram pope, digital priest - Bridgewater - Transhumanism - Singularity - Solar protein - solar water -Codex Gigas - big nation - (FUSION ENERGY), TERRA POWER AND SOLAR SUNSHIP PROJECTS - artificial sun and moon - BIOMETRIC CHIP - joy amin 😃 - single language single alphabet - cosmic crisp - universal basic income - artificial intelligence - digital society
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    dear @StnCld316, I kindly request you to delete my account please. thank you.
  5. mindfullness @Alladino ı have used this term for the mind is losing its function, loss of logic function, anger and fear captured you. When you search on Google, the mind orbits another mind to be kept in mind; inability to think correctly, to take the right decision and therefore to behave incorrectly; Explanations such as being content with what is taught / imposed on him without the need to form his own ideas come out. The brainwashing of the case called brainwashing is also called, and İlknur Kırbaş says in a string, "You think you are a prisoner even if you are not a prisoner." Generally, it is possible to harm the society in various levels in managers, academicians, writers and press members who are expected to lead the society in managers, bureaucrats, expected to lead the society. Communitarianism, which is to entrust your mind and idea to a religious leader, is essentially a higher stage of reasoning, since it is mainly created by brainwashing teachings. Nobody expects the brainwashed to use its own mind. to insist on arrest in such a tense environment. hit in the back while running. these are not police. ı suspect if they are human. for me, they killed an innocent for no reason. god damn them. I did not use this term to alleviate their crime. I hope they are executed.I used it to humiliate these police manuscripts, who succumbed to their fear and anger and lost their mind and logic.If you are so cowardly, , why are you a cop?if you are going to shoot people behind them, why are you a cop?
  6. Who will come if trump goes.What changes if someone young and baby-faced like Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau comes. Whoever comes will not be under the control of superior mind? The same is not true for boris johnson and other presidents and prime ministers. including Russia, China and even North Korea. and of course my beloved country(
  7. ı do not agree with you. I think our languages, religions, cultures, races, thoughts that add color to life. . I don't want to live in a world where like-minded people live like robots. If the problem is communication, the path from heart to heart is always found.
  8. ı think it is right time to open a new topic under title superior mind.
  9. Can I ask what you understand from the word of superior mind? it is not racism. it is not trump. trump is not a priest, Moreover, the priests lie on behalf of God every day,he is politician and politics is actually the art of lying.. do you think the situation would be different if he told the truth 18000+ times a day. it is future of usa.How reasonable it is to throw the country into a fire for a president, who can be send by elections five months later. amerika osurursa, kanada altına sıçar.( ı am not sure if translationr is true but if usa farts,canada sheets under. actually not only canada too many countries sheet under.)
  10. The game is much bigger than I thought. Apparently the superior mind has sacrificed AMERİCA. Either the American patriots spoil this game or I'm afraid that the axis of the world slides and china becomes the boss of the world. Then see how the world turns into a bloodbath.
  12. ı have listened a turkish reporter just now. he says for the murder of george floyd. let us see the cops. the police kills george has an asian wife Vietnamese. and she is member of a tribe called hmong. . she came to us after war with the help of cia. the other police was watching the murder. he is vietnamese and member of same tribe called hmong. the police who killed and george floyd have worked at same club before. who did give fake 20 usd bancnote to the george floyd?george floyd has never used fake bancnote before.You handcuffed the criminal and he lies face down on the floor. why do you press his neck for 8 minutes. .no such coincidence. is it racism? no. it will turn into an uprising movement.who(world health org.) made a statement. we support global racist demontrations.why w.h.o. did not make a statement before for the same subjects.? racism,george floyd's death are not enough to explain those happenings.the first aim is to be questioned for the police. Who prevents street movements , chaos and looting?. police prevents. why do the police on the target? you understand now . mayor of newyork made a statement, ı ll reduce the budget of police... mayor of minnosote made a statement ı ll reorganise police... george soros is giving millions usdollars to the black people under the name charity. why? @Ridgerunner Did all this appear in your press and free media? and what do you think about that?
  13. Do not worry. With those platforms, she can run faster than hussein bolt. you know him as usain. for general culture who dont know. hussein was second name of barack obama. hussein name is widely used between muslims. hussein is the name of prophet muhammed's grandchildren who was massacred at karbala.
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