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  1. facial paralysis or collagen filler reactions . I suppose amber suffered facial paralysis.
  2. ı hope someone can inform us . cc has 81.118 members. ı am sure at least one o them has fucked that kind of pussy.
  3. Is there a plus when making love with that type vagina?
  4. with cry ı meant scream because of english is not my main language. my dictionary says cry means scream, cry, shriek, yell, shouting, whoo. you say ı heard some playful screams. ı say as you say. but ı am not a scream expert. ı do not know if it is playful or not.they got the guys intentions before they came in.
  5. Alisa is bisex. hoping fuck this girl. she looks familiar.
  6. I wonder dou you think to sell those jean shorts soaking wet with your sexy juices.
  7. thanks fyi ı missed that then she played the shy girl.
  8. this couple have visited jules and sina yesterday. sina has tried to seduce girl and boy. the girl was so shy. they have slept at lr. nothing happened.
  9. one of the best post of cc history. ı loved that. 😆😄😃👍👌
  10. very old russian tradition. dead body is on the floor. wife and relatives on him. they try tıo come back his soul.
  11. She's one of those girls I can't figure out here. ı saw foxy fucking the girls. ı saw foxy fucking the boys with strapon. ı saw some guys fucking foxy. ı saw her ex husband. she is awesome and has very good personality. she is generous, helpful, polite.
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