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  1. Garik & Lyubava (Realm 49) are ex tenants. time zone +2 gmt. are the houses of ukraine turning back? ı hope so...
  2. if they do not have c ondoms , they have many options instead of condom.
  3. oopel master, can you write a poem for lora's ass please.
  4. there is a cute girl in pink tshirts . so adorable. may be girlfriend of our porn star.b y the way something new all of them have serious nose problems.
  5. thank you ı ll pass. ı do not handicap whom takes. retired pornstars have a job now. they can visit vhtv tenants.
  6. ı know very well these lookings meaning. '' no money no honey'
  7. ı want to be her 1st patient after she has graduated.😃
  8. she looks student at medicine faculty.
  9. ı can very well explain the situation at this house with a turkish idiom dağ fare doğurdu(the mountain has laboured and brought forth a mouse )
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