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  1. I also see that he always smiles, kitchen for everyone, cleans, is always available to help and even with Rocco has also given us something new to see, I simply do not understand why to offend
  2. Making me understand by a "man" who can only insult a girl would be a waste of time😉
  3. Really beautiful and hot couple i hope will see in the house of couple one day😏
  4. It s so sad your life,how long do you use only to find theories? I do not understand what is difficult to accept that has a boy, everyone is free to manage their reaction as they see fit, shit why? Whenever the girls in b4 come out she always stays at home and I still do not understand why to keep insulting these girls, do not you like the show? Do not look any more, if you think that your rudeness changes my opinion you lose only time and money, all the girls who come will do it for money and this will never change, peace.
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