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  1. I'm sorry to contradict you, but other countries in the European Union use their own currencies and not the euro. example: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria ...
  2. peut-être pour lui faire regretter ce qu'il perd. Je blague. Je ne suis pas misogyne, mais qui peut comprendre une femme à 100%? vous ne connaissez même pas la fameuse remarque de se séparer d'une femme: "vous n'en trouverez pas une comme moi"? alors qu'en fait c'est le but d'une séparation: ne pas en trouver un autre comme elle. lol
  3. maybe she can realize that everything comes to an end and she starts looking for a plan B. she can look for someone who will support her financially so that she no longer supports Paul financially she's smart enough to realize that the direction her show is taking is toward a pathetic end. and especially since she reads all the quotes here, and she doesn't seem to care never had as many negative comments as before Too bad she pulls Malia down, too, because Malia had such a beautiful ascent in this room
  4. I canceled for a few days. since I got bored of paying to see someone for hours on the phone. the subscription was supposed to stop on May 27 and now I see that the expiration date is May 30
  5. it's good though that he doesn't imitate Leora sitting on the phone for hours on end
  6. haha. what do you think about that? I stopped renewing my subscription, and RLC gave me another 3 days bonus. they finally start to realize that they are losing their customers.
  7. if you referred to my message, let me reply politely. children watch this kind of show and drool. for an analysis, you need an age and a level of intellect. and these are not necessarily analyzes, they are opinions. it is also the definition of a forum, an exchange of opinions. or is it just a place to watch, salivate and clap? I don't remember doing that to my dog. and my grandfather certainly wouldn't have taught me that. I hope you didn't either. I hope you just made a metaphor you can't compare Malia to a dog. the animal reacts to instincts, man has rationality and not only instincts without wanting to offend you
  8. as some have remarked, he has begun to gain weight, to change his forms. This is not a disaster. no one remains young and unchanged. each advancing in age. everyone has their own metabolism. but what she does now is not a job for life. as in other domains, such as sports, the time comes when you have no choice and you have to retire. and even then, it's nice to retire gloriously, rather than go to the back door, with your tail between your legs even disappointed by the current situation, I still believe in her intellectual abilities and I admire her for her beauty
  9. There are many who find excuses for whatever Leora does, and don't condemn them. I'm just trying to stay realistic and logical. Here are some examples of statements: - "Her relationship with Paul would damage an advancement of her relationship with Malia." my opinion is that : Paul in this relationship, sexually speaking , seemed to me more of a decorative piece than an active partner. Paul kissed the dog Eva more than Leora. -" Paul sent a text message to Leora to send her money. Leora supports him financially." ok .Then Paul must accept the continuation of this story, in order to have a source of income. You can't be and stinky, and pretentious. You want she support you financially, you also accept compromises. Leora, in turn, should try to maintain this source of income through her actions. from what can be seen, every day she seems more and more disinterested.leave all the action to Malia. and she is innocent and exasperatingly uses her phone or tablet. even when he gets involved, he does it in a minimalist way. Does she really think that she will make money all her life after those who pay to see her only on the phone? I see the efforts of the other girls to become interesting and to increase their rewards. even if they fail to be original, but at least they have an interest and make an effort for it. I don't want to be misunderstood. I do not condemn her. it's her life, she does what she wants. is it known, she or they both read this forum, she can find these posts constructive. no one wants to harm her, depending on her actions, she can become a winner or she can lose. it's a pity that this camera, which remained the last interesting one on RLC, gradually loses its value gained in so many years. some will say to me: "you don't like it here, change the room, there are enough on RLC". but this kind of: amateur porn, can be found for free all over the internet.
  10. for the fact that Leora follows his way, my opinion would be that there are 3 possible scenarios: 1. While ignoring the wickedness of her friend, Malia can get tired at one point, and even endanger a friendship. 2. RLC managers can move the camera to the free level, which would decrease his income and perhaps make him change his attitude. 3. With a large number of people who are already withdrawing from RLC because of this camera, it is possible that in extreme cases, RLC will abandon its collaboration with Leora. Nothing is immutable. After all, she is a collaborator, an employee, not a wife of RLC. And as in any business; you bring profit, you stay, you bring losses, you leave. and with the RLC Replay posters suggesting something interesting, it's a desperate attempt to attract more curious people. but even this tip cannot last long.
  11. with all due respect that I contradict you, but this forum has the ability to automatically translate into many languages, including Russian. so that wouldn't be a problem if she couldn't know what was being written here
  12. however, contrary to the expectations of "fans" Leora, more and more fans are starting to open their eyes and see the true value of this room. and many process as normal, accordingly. "I don't like it, I don't pay anymore"
  13. I think this room doesn't have to be "premium", maybe just free, what a pathetic show it offers. maybe that will make the "queen" of some go down to earth. yes, there are many admirers of the "queen" who put her on this rank. and enough those who have contact with women only virtually. I do not condemn myself, each with his own possibilities. but when you sign up for a project like this and you get paid for it, it's not your real life. you should also keep in mind some rules. if you want to stay on the phone 24/7, it's simple, stay home and do what you want. but when others pay, I don't think they want to see just that. many praised her, and now she seems to be to cut from reality. a reality in which she is in a project, paid to do a show. Too bad Malia is also associated in this, I don't think she deserves it, it seems much more natural, but here she is only at the mercy of the "queen's" whims
  14. every passing day confirms to me that I have made a good choice to cancel the subscription renewal, I am glad that it ends in a few days. It is already too repetitive and without originality. this room was the only one left interesting. maybe they got tired and waste time. if we are tolerant and assume it is real, then Malia's patience and perseverance are to be appreciated. even for a show it is admirable that she endures so much ignorance from her friend. if Leora doesn't like to participate in something actions like that, she could impose some limits. but that's how you walk the meat in front of a dog and every time he wants to bite you take it from the front. every night the same debut, they throw the bait, and then after they have spectators,eat and go to bed, probably laughing to themselves at those they have fooled once more it has already become embarrassing I'm curious how long this pathetic show will last. I don't want to offend, I'm just trying to be realistic
  15. totally agree . and for this show that has already become embarrassing, you still have to pay. I don't understand the admin mentality at RLC. or they go with the saying: it is not stupid who offers, it is stupid who gives (pays) or they set out to ruin their own business
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