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  1. Constitutional crisis. Out-of-Control Trump Declares Himself 'Chief Law Enforcement' Officer | Crooks and Liars CROOKSANDLIARS.COM Donald Trump is now completely out of control, declaring himself not just above the law, but the law itself.
  2. Those women really intimidate you. You are so absolutely horrified, you can't do anything but post cartoons to express yourself. I'm really excited to see how terrified you are on Nov. 4, but you won't be here anymore because you won't be able to take the heat I'll lay on you.
  3. "Little blonde boy?" That was really weird dude.
  4. Also, stop telling me what I do and don't "have." You don't know me from Adam.
  5. Then show me your facts to support your arguments with me. Saying it isn't enough.
  6. I walked into my corner store today, only to hear a Trumper screaming about how all democrats and their supporters should get a "bullet in the head." I guess if you disagree with a MAGAt, you're better off dead, to them.
  7. He earned it. That's what you Conserve-tards are constantly teaching: Sick or not, mentally disabled or not, earn your keep. If you work hard enough, you too can have this. Moscow Mitch lives in a fucking MANSION in Louisville. But that's different how?
  8. But you don't have any "facts" to support your theory.
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