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Found 13 results

  1. @StnCld316 Lola's name has been removed and now is only Hugo
  2. So the most regular, repetitive thing you do is to spend time on here? Doesn't the fact that, according to you, nothing different ever happens means that it is boring? Just asking!
  3. Thanks for the night.Lola and the guest man had a great relationship.😈 I hope the guest guys visit this house often. It would have been better if there was light but it was a great start.It is great to watch this house.😈πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @HugoBeverley
  4. Hi @StnCld316 Hugo has returned with a new girlfriend in Milly's old place, can you please do your thing.
  5. Since Beverley and Hugo came back they have, in my opinion, been the best place on VH and they normally work hard at entertaining us but on this occasion I have to agree with @moonlight89 that they did stretch it out for too long. Anna used to be the expert at arranging the timing of her events but even she got it wrong sometimes! I hope B&H will invite this couple back again because I think between them they could create a magical evening as they seemed to get on really well, hopefully without the other two girls things would go more smoothly.
  6. 0% - But by the way, VH is still using the top-bar in twitter But now we have a lot of ugly (or very specific) boring people.πŸ™ˆ This boring Leonie. Or This boring girl better? Or this boring girl better? I repeat - main question who is new. Now there are simply no new people for last months (except for Webcams and very specific people in +6 GMT). New apartments are planned: - Guests from Lilka and Jakar who are go to Stifler's city now. So-so - 50/50. Zero chances for epic. But interesting apartment or strong aver
  7. Back online and new apartment. @StnCld316
  8. @StnCld316 hugo & beverly are back. please do the thing.
  9. New people in ex Iren place. @StnCld316more work for youπŸ˜‰
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