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Found 11 results

  1. They are back. Very small place with a bad quality kitchen and frontal bedroom cam. @StnCld316 you can move them back to online...
  2. Kate arrived B1 on November 27 2019 Welcome
  3. Technoguy visits. But only work with documents. Girls may do something today. Or not. But they very soon turn off the lazy mode.😏 Funny Officially - Molly.
  4. Lol..two tenants left the project,Anna and...Evelina..lol.Was Evelina ever an resident!?I call her Evelina the ghost..and As usualy with thi girls in this house they had the "extra" possibility of having an third resident than almost never appeared and even less lived in the house.They must do some "extra" duties to mr manager jeka.
  5. LOOOL when kate had health problems they forgot to remove her name from the house "get better" Andrew. Kate seems to be very worried with your health problems @StnCld316 time to edit the names of the apartment
  6. Welcome Kate & Andrew. @StnCld316 can you please do your usual job? Place managed by Alex & Lina. Replacements for Dana & Clay
  7. and the 3 sleeping in the same bed after playing...
  8. Topic for Viki & Kate. Place managed by Jeka. @StnCld316 my friend. Sorry to bother you on sunday but can you please move it to the right place?
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