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Found 7 results

  1. the twins Lia&Mia are back in B2 on January 30 2019 on their third stay
  2. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but the cost will never be worth it!! That is unless you like being letdown all the time. Don't let the name Real Life Cam fool you. In the very beginning of Real Life Cam it was as close to being "Real" as anything you could find on the internet. The truth is that none of the girls in the Barcelona apartments are here for the time they spend in front of the cameras on RLC, they are hear for extracurricular activities that occupy most of their time outside the apartments which must be managed by RLC due to what all the girls get away with. RLC just provides them a place to stay and asks them to show their bodies, put on shows, and tease for subscriptions. Yes, you will see that what I'm saying is quite true the more money you waste on the expensive "Cam" site of RLC. Sorry to sound like a bummer but that's the way it is and I wasted more than my fair share before I quit subbing to them 2 years ago. At any rate, good luck and I hope they don't hook you in the corner of the mouth like they have done to so many people.
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