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Found 17 results

  1. @sturmchaser Here's the source of the "starlight".
  2. Kira was indeed pleased, the sheer joy and skill of how she is able to gently manipulate Nina to Orgasm is a delight to behold. In my mind I think she gets as much, if not more pleasure from Nina's orgasm than her own. The smile on her face shows it all. Which is why to some on here the relationship is so lop-sided. Nina is good at taking! BUT, Kira is astounding at giving. If it works for them, then that is all that matters. I know to most they don't care, but Kira's hair last night looked beautiful, silky and soft. 🥰🥰🥰
  3. Their Sun came up, mine went down.... time to take off my day pajamas, and put on my night pajamas........
  4. Seems they decided by the bad apartment...
  5. I heard it was helpful in preventing stuff like flu and colds, bc you're ingesting the crap you inhaled, therefore the immune system takes over. I say it's all bullshit, and nasty. I'm sorry, but if I was Kira, I would not kiss that mouth. But I guess that's true love for ya.
  6. Last news, Kira just "reassured" me: I thought she was going to work, but she's only going to see her doctor. It is not appendicitis. She will have to undergo an intervention shortly and she is under medical control. That's all folks!
  7. They are back online. Can you please move the topic to their general topic @StnCld316 ?
  8. Jake is a good fucker. He should visit Sina one day 😇
  9. Anyone know why DE is under the sink in the bathroom?
  10. Sina is already here helping.👍
  11. i think i will miss them, the last couple of weeks i haven't watch them much but when the 3 of them are around and happy they are nice to watch, yes they are running out of new things, and i think they lasted this long is because they are not swingers they did not put to much expectation these are a couple just happen to be 3 people. if they separated i don't think they will last by them selves the best option is introducing the occasional new people a bit more frequently than they have been so far
  12. Let's welcome Nina and Alan. They are far more east as they are 5 hrs back. Don't know yet who are their managers. Can a mod please pin the topic?
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