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Found 15 results

  1. Let me fill you in why I'm disappointed in the latest VHTV deal. I received an email making out you buy any of the monthly deals and you'll receive a bonus month. I thought wow I'll try a month and get a month and if I like watching the apartments I've extend it to 3 months. I got a shock when went to sign up and you only get 4 days. Ok confused so went back to the email and it does say up to a +1 Month of Premium for free. Sure my mistake but how the was email written didn't help either. No I didn't sign up as felt it's a rip off only 4 days. VHTV you'll have to try harder to get me to sign up and I'll be proof readings all your emails from now on. Again I stress it was my fault I didn't read the email correctly and take responsibility. But this doesn't hide the fact only 4 days for new customers in my view is poor.
  2. Post all good (and crazy or even strange ) music and beats you heard during the parties here. When you don't know the song best is using Shazaam to recognize the song, look for it in YouTube and link it here.
  3. I pay a vhtv subscription for couples to live and love each other naturally, we end up with pornstars who show on chaturbate ... in short, I cancel my subscription.
  4. Hey guys & girls. Heres a watermark you can use in your gifs and pics and don't get in trouble with no watermark. I made it big so you can use it for all pic sizes. Just resize it accordingly @StnCld316 would be nice to get a pin
  5. So I wanted to do this for a long time and now I have time doing it. @StnCld316 it would be nice when you pin it. Thanks So what to do when you experience buffering? At first it is important to make sure if buffering is on your side or on VHTV side. On your side do the following steps: The very first step should always be to check if VHTV announced iussues at their twitter: https://twitter.com/VoyeurHouseTV Run a speed test to make sure your connection is fast enough. https://fast.com/ Just restart your browser and see if it already solved it. Modern browsers consume a lot of system memory and it may help just to restart them.. When this does not help you should clean your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes old data stuck there leads to weird behavior of the browser. Here's how you do it. https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic or https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-clear-cache-2617980 Still no success? Now its time to restart the computer. As already said modern browsers consume a lot of system memory and CPU which can lead to buffering and stuttering videos. Not all off this is freed again by simply restarting the browser. So restarting should help right? Users with Windows 7 or older or MacOS or Linux can stop reading here and simply restart the computer. For users with Windows 8 or newer it's a little more complicated as windows just only suspends most of the system memory to the hiberfil.sys file in order to boot much faster. However we want a clean restart at that point with all data cleared. So an easy way to do is pressing Windows key + R and type shutdown -g -t 0 This will make a complete shutdown with all data cleared. You can also simply download the cmd file here and run it. It does the exact same thing. When you still have the problem now it's sure the problem is on VHTV side. So what to do now? You need to submit a ticket with some information to [email protected] You need to provide the following things: Your WAN IP-adress. You can find it out here: https://www.whatismyip.com Open your browsers console when on the tab or site with the buffering. This is done by pressing F12 key Make a screenshot of the console tab. Switch to the network tab and do the following things: type .m3u in the filter to only see events with this filetype and make a screenshot Now type .ts in the filter to only see events with this filetype and make a screenshot too You now have three screenshots which you attach to your mail. In the mail you provide your IP adress and the download speed you got during the speed test. Support will now have enough information to figure out the problem and they will contact you when they need more information or when the problem is solved. shutdown.cmd
  6. which is the favorite swinging couple in VHTV for you until now ?
  7. I'm creating this title to remind C & S and other Odessa participants who had to leave VHTV for nonsensical reasons. It was 53 days ago, on 14 February. And there is still no satisfactory explanation from VHTV. In the past, I criticized Clara quite a lot. Because Clara usually puts a towel on the bed at this time of the day and starts with her show with Mr.Black. If they come back, I'll criticize them again. But, I really miss them. (If there is still a danger, please do not share pictures.)
  8. So what I was thinking the other day was why people join sites like VHTV,RLC etc. , even when they are not really not that much into exhibitionism(not all of them ofcourse).The obvious answer is that they are in desperate need of money. But why are they in that much desperate need of money? I mean countries like Ukraine and Russia have one of the most cheapest education in the world,their cost of living is very easily affordable for students(Ukraine,specifically,is also famous for its good quality education).Now you may say that at this young age,they don't get enough jobs,maybe yes,but what makes me to not believe in this is that many students from my country(I am from India btw) who are pursuing studies in medical science go to Ukraine when they don't get admission in government colleges in India(which is very very tough) as the fees of private medical colleges is very high.And these students cope without too much trouble there for 4 years,so why can't people who are resident of that country cope too? Now let's just assume that they are not getting jobs and their college studies will not get them any good job either,so they are basically left with no choice but to do this.But what baffles me even after assuming this that many of these participants own expensive mobiles like iPhone,some wear expensive clothing,many have kinda expensive gadgets like PS4 etc. and on the top of that they drink so much(which can also be expensive) and some as we all know do drugs as well(which are obviously expensive) and they can also afford to go to different countries for holidays. Are they really poor and desperate or are they just lazy people who don't want to do hard work and are willing to do these things just for that. I am actually really curious and want to know what you guys think about this.
  9. Hi, Do you already know this platform? There are some RLC & VHTV videos and other voyeur stuff here from the past. Nice to watch. http://hidden-zone.net/reallifecam-voyeur-videos-hidden-cam-real-life/
  10. What do you think of VHTV becoming a porn site?
  11. Here we piss and moan about VHTV. Speak freely; we mods are tolerant of anything in Rants & Flames, but we get tired of people giving us shit in the general public forums. Have at it.
  12. Hello community, Let me thank everybody, who has ever sent us a feedback on how could we improve our service. As you may have noticed, we read everything and take a note if we agree on the point given. Our main channel to receive feedback is our Support, but we want to make sure everybody sees suggestions made by other users. You can share your thoughts, vote and discuss them. Eventually, we will answer to you with our comments to your ideas and will let you know if we apply them in the future or not and why. As usual, we try to maintain the most transparent communication between VHTV and our users, our future or current happy subscribers. Please share your thoughts on camera positions, UI, UX, features and services, email newsletters and social communications, pricing plans and so on. Any comments on participants or apartments will be asked to be removed from this thread. Please either discuss them in threads, dedicated to apartments, or forward these requests to our Support.
  13. So guys to get back a little more fun here and thanks to the idea of @ashleyxyz I decided to make a quiz here. We describe a person, pet or another famous thing with 5 characteristics and the one who gets it right has to do the next one. Pretty easy. So have fun and don't take it too serious
  14. Dear CamCaps members, we need your help in testing updated version of VHTV This update will not feature any visual updates. You won't find anything new to you (well, some of you will, but these changes are not that big). The biggest change is the invisible thing. We managed to achieve totally next step in real-time streaming, which we have been developing for quite a while. Now we need your help to test it to see, if there are any errors or problems with it. So far it was tested thoroughly by our team and a small group of testers. Now it's time to invite you to break some shit over there and report problems to our Support. Basically, we ask you to try using Staging version just like you do it at usual one. Watch some cameras, switch Houses, try Timeline and Archive Moments. For hardcore users, go and break it. We ask you to do it so we could fix these beforehand releasing this large update to the main website. Please don't report some of the cameras lists out-of-date, or out-of-date Houses names - we test streaming only here. In case you run into any problems, please provide these details your support ticket: Your IP Exact time the problem occured URL of the page you were at when it happened Console and Network tabs output from your browser developer pane We appreciate any feedback from you. Feel free to report errors, contact us on these, and discuss it here. Let's squash these bugs together! GO AND TEST IT After the testing is over, we will shut down staging website until we find something new for you to try again. Hope this experiment will show some results and we will catch some of the most dirtiest errors in this update :)
  15. Do you enjoy watching voyeur videos, streams and peeking after tenants? Did you consider becoming a part of Voyeur community? Voyeur-House.TV is looking for talents, people, who would love to join Voyeur industry and change the way they live. Our fast-growing network expands with more and more participants joining us. We want more people to be aware, that you can enjoy your life, seek for a fame, and get paid. The participants joining Voyeur House get stable income right from the Day-0, with no limits of getting more and more. Interested? Join now - fill the form here or let us know about you via PM. It doesn't matter if you're alone, with couple or with group. It doesn't matter if you have apartment or not. Just let us know about you, and we'll find a place to land you with other participants or for you to begin a new venture on Voyeur House TV. If you have or plan to run your own apartment(s), send us a message and you will be connected as studio. Get more from the assets you run. All the communications (messages, emails, meetings) between you and VHTV are private, protected and secure. We care about our participants.
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