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Nina & Alan Part #2

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I particularly do not think that Alan should go "in front" and give up his happiness and his feeling now even stronger (unquestionable and incontestable) by Nina, to the VH site.
Not after all that he has passed, he suffered, wept, skirted, receded, advanced, overcame, and finally won. So far .To give up after going through such a steep path with such persistence?

365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 52 weeks is the exact time to measure what I observe above.

The same goes for Nina! How much she persisted, wept, struggled, believed, resisted, collapsed, exploded, and screamed (and in this I wish it had been less, or  none even been) by guiding and leading Alan by his hands and especially by his heart so far. Give up after walking a path so tortuous and hostile?

Get together so far and to such a high point and now go back or give up moving forward some more?Together?

Admit defeat and thus prove that all this time of daily resistance was in vain? Wasted? useless?For them ? And also for us?

A brief pause (two weeks) to think and meditate (deserved).It is what they are now having.And equally for us.

Returning at last both, and thus willing and motivated to follow a few more steps forward? Here my two cents contribution and encouragement for this🙋‍♂️

For Alan, now consider this project as a Dota game in a new version or at a much more challenging and dashing stage. Or as a game of Evolution (board game). Best references impossible.A year ago he proves how disciplined, focused and dedicated he is. .After all, in this he made real adepts or interested: Serena to the Dota👨‍🏫, Nina and Serena to the Evolution.👨‍🏫


For NIna your part is in main easiest but in truth is the most difficult.Control or totally dominate your demons and floating personality.😾
Do not provoke or encourage friction. Neither with gestures and attitudes, let alone (and especially) with words, Hard, depreciative and spiteful.All the times that in these unfortunate moments, Alan get up and go to smoke, let go without holding it or confronting him, because after this break of smoke. it always comes back in a more balanced and focused way.

It has already been seen here how much Alan struggles today (and overtaking himself), by his smile and his personal satisfaction. For your compliment.
Respect. Do justice and maintenance of it. Make every effort to maintain this throughout the day to the end if you already have it when you open your eyes when you wake up or insistently seek it in the same amount of time.

For both, difficult?👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Perhaps.But consider that some things we see today, some time ago would not only be considered difficult, but also impossible.Past days with no prospect of reaching the next days, not only have they become days after, and yes weeks, or months. Year.

One more step and effort ahead so.
👣 >>>>>

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