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    • 6 hours ago, SierraTM said:

      IMO Valerie and Damira are the best additions so far over the past 1 month or so. Both are not shy and dare to show the cameras everything.

      But just to rudely interject into the discussion between Naga and ed2, I think it is quite unfair to compare both Monica & Valerie but one thing both girls have in common is that they can have multiple bates within a short span of time. Three hours of exaggerated scream-bates mentioned by ed2 is obviously exaggerated by himself, I heard no screaming from her unless my audio output is faulty. 

      But since this is between ed2 & Naga, I will not go into details.

      I think in short I will more likely to re-watch Monica's videos over Valerie's anytime any day.

      I can't understand the parameters you use to say that one girl is better than another, I could think from the number of masturbations done in front of the camera, but you're too smart to say this, or am I wrong

    • On 6/17/2019 at 9:31 PM, zoifan said:




      They are friends again. 

      That was goodbye sex🙁

    • Great job RLC having all the backyard cams down when they’re mostly all outside

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