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    • 2 hours ago, dougiestyle4u said:

      Do you think that when he is done with the computer that he will turn the tables and start playing with Leora while she is sleeping and give her all the tongue licking and cock that she appears to be horny for? Hmmmm - big NO. I am sure Paul enjoys sex and truly loves Leora but he is not an aggressive and horny lover compared to Leora. I am sure Leora knows and appreciates all the attention from her fan base and would like the same type of reciprocal adoration plus constant sex from Paul. One thing to remember - Leora finally has her man in her life BUT she feels obligated and thoroughly enjoys "performing" for the cams but trying to be sexually active together is not Paul's priority or thing to do. He has his way of life (with or without Leora) while Leora has her many years of "fine tuning" her "stage presence".

      We are the arm chair horn dogs or backseat drivers that know what Paul should do but he is his own person who won't be coerced into doing something that he isn't energized to do more or if he ain't feelin' it. By the sounds of it, he does kick it up a notch if the "timing" is right for him. Some couples have the opposite problem than Leora and Paul. When the husband wants sex the wife says - not today or I have a headache or the visitors might hear us or I am not in the mood or just jerk off or go away we already had sex last month or I am still mad at you or any of the thousands of other excuses. 

      Just sit back and salivate over the lovely Leora and enjoy and appreciate her presence. Frustration will set in if you demand more from Leora and Paul. They offer up good voyeur viewing compared to the other RLC apartments/houses and even VHTV. To me personally, I think the Leora & Paul apartment is the best available voyeur site anywhere (great balance between real life and the in-your-face cams) with such a sweet eye candy in Leora who tries to be a constant voyeur tease and obviously quite successful at it.

      Leora is always fully charged and ready for a sexy tease, nudity and sex. Such a good girl.

      Energizer Bunny GIF - Energizer Bunny Still Going GIFs

      Very well expressed if I might say.👏

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