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    • 54 minutes ago, daemon said:

      Paul is Lieutenant missile forces. He also received a diploma of engineer-designer. Although I do not like, but I must admit he is not stupid. But yesterday I saw Leora was crying, she told him that they are different, that she loves theater, ballet, books, city, and he does nothing that is engaged in soldered and walks in the woods. What he did not love, and it would be desirable that he paid more attention to it. he needs to learn to hell satisfy his woman, and instead of sitting at the computer to spend time with her. More and stop poking fingers in the nose.

      Yesterday's tears were much more than a delayed reaction to Paul's abrupt behaviour. They were Leora's venting of pent up frustration at a relationship that is basically incompatible. And as happens in most cases, it was the woman that brought it to a head.

      Leora and Paul know very well that they are locked in a sad marriage. Their personalities, interests and sex drives are incompatible and now that the novelty of living together intimately is wearing off, their incompatibility is becoming more evident. It's most probably the comfort and false security of an RLC apartment that is keeping them under one roof but this will end eventually, and what then? It's really sad and they each deserve a happier life. I hope they each find it eventually.

    • se penso che spendo i miei soldi su questi stupido, ma ho potuto aiutare la gente in Italia ha perso tutto nel terremoto, mi sento una merda

    • if I think that I spend my money on these stupid, but I could help people in Italy have lost everything in the earthquake, I really feel like shit