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    • I feel like its them and us OK I don't  pay the full fee but on my tablet I cannot see what you guys see so why should I pay I have watched leora for over 5 years when my computer worked    now for unforseen circumstances it gone.    this forum is for us all    videos where they belong  pictures same and as for Paul what he's done its time he went because next time rlc will boot him and her out

    • One of the best masturbations in history .. See how he looked at the camera and wet his nipples has been a marvel

      Por cierto no la he visto muy preocupada por el incidente de esta mañana.. Ja ja ja ja ja 

    • Just now, xxclaudexx said:

      so is it possible to not view some apts? I didn't realise that.. somebody told me that it is not good to login into site through a VPN and I wanted to get a second opinion.Is it bad to login via VPN? Thanks for your answer

      If not mistaken the residents and site can bloke the view of some apartments,think the newest one was house nicole&karl(in Spain)were they didn't wish the residents of the country to watch them.Personaly i don't want to log in with vpn in this type of sites(mainly VHTV and rlc)because specialy rlc have an very rigid posture and if they have some doubths about your connection etc then there is the chance of blocking you,so always connect "normal way".Hopefully other users,maybe even cc staff can give you also their opinion regard this.Cheers.

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