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    • Ow, Nick was changed?


    • 13 hours ago, mic351 said:

      I have been watching this apartment for some time now; before Serena moved in.  I have come to the conclusion about one thing.  Aln is a petulant, childish, dickhead and has absolutely nothing going for him besides a big dick.  The time is going to come to where I do not think that will be enough to hold onto NIna.  Yeah I know, she has her share of problems too but I think Alan has one hell of a lot of growing up to do.  I remember the party at Edda and Joe's where Nina was getting ready to scissor Edda.  Alan came in and has a fit.  Nina treated him like a mom would a child to get him to calm down.  Every little thing sets him off and Nina has to go into "big girl" alert to calm him down.  That's got to be tiresome after a while..

      Now Nina has Serena.  She has companionship and a friend she did not have before.  An ally in the house you might say.  I have noticed tonight that Serena and Nina have gone out.  I won't speculate where or for what but I noticed they decided to leave right after Alan has his little spat and went into the bedroom to pout. I'm telling you people, Alan better straighten up his act or this apartment will be Nina and Serena's place.  Which might be a big improvement.  It would sure cut down on all the drama..  And a bit off variety for Nina may not be all that bad....::)

      Again . Look at the timeline. Nina and Alan were asleep.
      Serena came to wake Nina and Nina's clothes were already on the sofa in the living room.

      In my opinion (since I do not understand Russian), Nina was awake because it was time for Serena to travel and possibly Nina would accompany her to the place of departure. Nina returned after about 1.5 hours or more. He woke up Alan and had sex again before bed. Nina, because Alan stayed on the laptop.

      As for the behavior, I closely accompany this place, which as I said long before it became Top.
      I agree that Alan has flaws, but Nina does not get much behind.

      Remember and this 27th place will now only make 4 months, and from the second month to that the things will literally be equipped, to climb on top of Mount Everest, and to throw it (head).

      Nina may be ready for this (and she is), but Alan is still adapting. Advancing is a fact, even more so if he adapts.
      We do not know what his creation was. If he has family, or if Nina is all he has in the world now. I think the trail follows this line.

      I also observe how Alan behaves and proceeds with Edda and Serena. There is a real hamony and balance between these two.

      To this day, I've only seen Alan and Serena have something harder in their arguments just once (with him being cowed) and this turned out to be a stronger argument, with Nina.

      With Edda, I've never seen anything at this level or next (argument). Or with anyone else who stepped on these two places.

      And I've already noticed here that usually initiating the conflicts (apparent from nothing) is Nina. Even with Serena (as Grommy has already pointed out). At this time I also notice that he tends to stay in control now and seeking dialogue.

      Nina goes out to the screams (even with Serena). And if I understood Russian, maybe even in harsh words.
      Four months will be done now. For a comparison, see how long it took Alex and Anna to enter the stage of mutual exchange they have today.

      I think this can and should be taken into account.


      And contrary to the general current here I do not hope for any ruptures between these three.
      Just as I was one of the few (and really, very few) who did not get initial resistance when Anna and Alex joined VH.

      I may be wrong on this, but again I hope not.

    • i was checking out lisa & bf last night & it looked like she kept leading him on & then trying to sleep. what a surprise to find out that there was sex after all. but it wasn't good. blanket sex will always suck ass no matter what the circumstances are. lisa has fucked without covers so why use them now? i'd rather see her do nothing. a waste of a good opportunity.

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