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    • disadvantage
      he snores  😴 💤💨... Masha needs earplugs

    • 1 hour ago, nagachilli2 said:

      Nelly's a total fucking wreck! She's crashed out in Gina's sauna now, after obviously snorting in the toilet...I don't think I've seen any girl going so far down the hill as her...She needs serious help...and I don't think Boggy's the answer...He's gotta face up to reality
      It's very sad to see after their Russia days... 

      I thought we got rid of her ugly ass. 🙄

    • 5 hours ago, Ridgerunner said:

      McCabe should be in prison for what he did to help create and promote the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Maybe Special Prosecutor John Durham has an indictment waiting for Andrew McCabe.:cool:


      Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired in 2018 after the inspector general of the Department of Justice concluded he had leaked classified information and lied to bureau...


    • 12 minutes ago, HappyChappie said:

      Sorry but are Nelly and Martina forbidden to see each other off rlc cameras? I mean many people on here say real life goes on off camera. I'm not a Nelly fan but the girl looks like she's in crisis and she needs help.

      AFAIK, they have continued to see each other.   The on-cam meetings are fairly well documented.   The passion has cooled, however.

      Nelly occasionally goes on these binge drunks.  What is unusual tonight is that Gina appears relatively sober, and not her hyper-active, spastic, voluble self when she has had far too much to drink  It may be that Nelly had been drinking before meeting Gina, and had a head start.

      In retrospect, being off-cam may have liberated Nelly, and not in a good way.   The camera tends to discipline behavior, because the participants do care, most of the time, how people see and perceive them..  

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