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    • 6 hours ago, moos54 said:

      je comprends pas le sens de ta phrase

      Personnellement j'ai toujours cru que ce site etait plus ou moins gratuit, le peu de fois que je me suis connecter dessus j'avais la possibilité de regarder les caméras dans les chambres , par exemple, donc pour moi, même si cela est limité, comme le son ou les caméra, cela est gratuit, pourquoi gueuler sur quelques choses alors que l'on ne paye pas pour l'améliorer

      ce n'est que mon point de vue mais cela ne sert à rien de gueuler si cela n'est pas payant, comme ce que je crois 

      Maintenant certains membres ici connaissent mieux que moi ce site, voila pourquoi j'ai posé cette question ;-) 

      Tu ne comprends pas ? 

      Payer = Argent pour le site

      Voir les publicitées = argent pour le site.

      De plus je ne "gueule" pas.

    • 14 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

      Yes, 10:22. Have to get something done today before bed. No, I have never made it there. I know several people though that make the trip every couple of years. The flight times are insane. I would love to go one day. So, if you had to pick one place in India to visit, where would it be? Is it dangerous? and how are the beaches? 

      It depends @Amy3 India is a land rich of culture and heritage and it is very very diverse – probably the most diverse of countries that you will find on this earth. I have spent my entire lifetime here and haven't been able to see Everything.I still have lots and lots to explore.I live in the Northern Part and there is too much to see.

      You can start with the princely state of Rajasthan and enjoy the forts and palaces,safaris,deserts.lakes,the people and the food.If you like hills and valleys there is always the beautiful Himachal Pradesh and SHIMLA in particular.From a historical perspective you cannot miss Tajmahal in Agra,one of the wonders of the world,a mere 3.5 hour drive away from Delhi.

      Beach Lovers can go to Goa and Kerala with the most pristine beaches and enjoy the local delicacies too.For the religious minds and those who seek solace for their sins can go to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh,Haridwar and witness the puja of 'Ganges' the Holy River.If you just want to chill and relax and have fun,you can always go to Mumbai-The city that never sleeps.

      There are many many more places to visit.One Place or One Week is not enough.It's just an overview but one thing is for sure that your journey will be incredible !!


    • Nice, but bring back the girls! 👅

    • Missed that, but let me just say this, WOW, unbelievable!! He usually can't get it up to save his life after he starts drinking. 

      Btw, welcome to the circus! Lots of really interesting, great people in here. Feel free to express yourself. Just know that many of the tenants do follow CC.