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    • 33 minutes ago, Kkru394 said:

      Until now. i see that Ivy is over in between frozen frames

      here she is. mine seems to be fine. of course i'm not staying on it for long since nothing is happening.


    • I suspect you are right Foamy but I have to hope the US wakes up before it's too late. Doesn't China now own at least 20% of US debt? Imagine the mighty US being in hock to such an extent to China! Who would have thought such a thing possible in the days of Chairman Mao!!! What a potent combination being formed between Totalitarianism and Capitalism. Totalitarian Capitalism is far more effective than Democratic Capitalism for kick starting an economy but eventually governments can never allocate capital efficiently enough to continue growth. Once growth stalls God help all the Western businesses who think the Chinese market is the only market worth pursuing.

      The Communists of China recognised that communism (nee socialism, Marxism) doesn't work -EVER! Hopefully they will one day change their name to the Capitalist party of China. The acronym doesn't even have to change!!! Maybe then all the dopes who support socialism will abandon their devotion to the failed idea. Maybe President Obama could be invited to join the all new 'CCP' 

    • 3 minutes ago, Noldus said:

      1630 Lola left B1

      1704 and back