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    • 10 hours ago, Fagen said:

      Is Carlos not russian ?

      Carlos must be Italian , most of the times on his phone in Italian . 

    • 10 hours ago, nagachilli2 said:

      Are you more bored than Carlos looks? 🤣

      Carlos doesn’t fit at all , I even think that the girls don’t like him , let’s say they aren’t even attracted to “ work “ with him . Something for sure isn’t right in general with this couple . 

    • beautiful girl Malia has already woken up have a great happy day With joy 



    • 12 hours ago, Alladino said:

      The real guests are missing. This mutual visits, of show girls to an apartment with other show girls is pointless. Especially when with so many single girls, not even one single guy is around.



      I don't think that new residents are the solution. It is much more important that these apartments have some real life in them. As long as the residents hide behind shows and are not willing to really live in the apartments, it will always remain artificial and lifeless. No matter if with new residents or not. Only when the residents start to really get involved in the project things will get exciting again. Then, btw, it would be more interesting if the residents were good looking and interesting.

      First of all, there need to be more guys. Best would be almost as much guys as there are girls.


      I think you are confused of what you would like to see . You wanted couples , they have couples . Now you ask for single guys , who would watch guys that are single sleeping naked , jerking and so on ? The majority of RLC viewers are men ,  unless they interact at endless sexual acts with the single girls or anything similar , nobody will watch . I think your request is really exaggerating the standards of a voyeur site . 

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