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    • 3 hours ago, Jawis said:


      Cute rat, but she's cuter!! :biggrin:

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    • 7 hours ago, dougiestyle4u said:

      You got that right. At first I thought it would be a nice new forum to talk about VHTV but it sure has a lot of control freaks. If you say something it is mostly bashed or interpreted wrong. Just in a few weeks it seems like some got tired of it and only the same talkers are  left. To me, it seems that VHTV lost the plot and the ship is sailing aimlessly and totally messed up. The forum is just as scattered as the scatterbrains commenting stupid stuff.

      As far as I'm concerned it's where you place these forums in your list of "everyday life priorities",if they are way up there then by all means be happy,angry, disdainful whatever but if like myself they figure way down there then forum activity good or bad doesn't really bother me.Don't get me wrong I enjoy chatting and having a laugh and have met a lot of nice people but I have other stuff to deal with way more important.To those who are more involved in forum activity than me that's fine on you go, fill your boots.

    • 0730 T&T to bed on the couch. Masha on her own bed

    • 22 minutes ago, letsdothis said:

      Great idea!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

      If it's still hungry, it can have Baron & Melania for desert.  :biggrin:

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