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B4 Girls On Vacation - General Topic 2021 #35 (April)

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1 minute ago, Moosecini said:

Masha just pulled Martina away to the garage I think.

First smoking ( illegal )  break maybe 😂🤣

Edit ; I see them both dancing 

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il y a 1 minute, Lurkker a dit :

I don't remember ever seeing Radi or Sera at one of these parties.

Peut-être, mais ce qui est sûr Serafima n'est pas du tout socaible pour participer à ce genre de fête... C'est mon avis! Par contre, Radislava, je la voyais bien être présente. Je ne sais pas si elle ont reçu une invitation,, cela dit, je trouve dommage pour Radislava, elle se serait bien intégrée avec le groupe.   

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1 minute ago, Mark Thompson said:

not that easy, cameras and having to explain to outsiders what this private pay  porn site is even in existence .could be big trouble for girls and RLC... need to have insiders ..

.just enjoy it for what it is, not what we expect or want ...  I mean I am sitting in fuck all Canada watching 10 hot babes dancing and expecting nudity later on... no complaints here ... and I know you are not complaining ed2 just making my point    not easy to bring outsiders in

I think the biggest problem is the concept of the vacation-apartments. They are brought to a city where they have no social network. It was never a problem in R1, R2, Anabel & Efim, Stesha & Marco, Taya & Will, Olivia & Nick, Ulyana & Marat, Lana & Robert, Carla & Yanai, etc. And it doesn't seem to be a problem for the few place on VHTV that occationally have more normal looking parties either. The problem is the GOVs, it is too many variables that almost never click.

Therefore I can't understand why RLC haven't added any new roommate-apartments. Or e.g. turn B1 or B2 into a place with only Spanish girls. They could have brought a more stably good situation to the site.

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