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i have this theory on how rlc works...


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this is just a theory though.

it seems to me like all the tenants know what's up with the other rooms.  in fact, i think someone caught one of them surfing rlc at one point. 

my theory is that they are paid based on commission on how often and for how long paid members view their rooms.  maybe they even get a bonus if someone signs up after watching their room for a long time. 

i think this because i've notice that after leora and maya showed up, it seems like the girls are trying harder to be sexy and "open" so it would attract us to watch them more.  they saw how sexy leora and maya are, and they're trying to up their game so to speak to attract more clients.

what do you guys think?

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I think the recent influx of "guests" has made a big difference for me and added to my enjoyment of RLC immensely.  The couples should be paid for each night a "guest" spends with them.  Anything to encourage more "guest" appearances.

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yeah, that too!  it seems that as soon as one person brought a guest, the others saw how much traffic that brought to that room, so all of a sudden everyone's asking their friends to stay over and take showers and shit like that.

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Guest NL Forever

brilliant...I can become you..... I covet what is yours and this is the first step towards gaining everything from you...MuHaHa!!!

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