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Has anybody besides me noticed how downright boring and inhibited these apartments have gotten lately?  I mean outside of Sasha and Masha, and Leora (Who I enjoy immensely by the way)  These apartments are getting to be downright boring.  Seems as if everyone is either hiding under the covers, finding a place where there are no cameras,  or just plain living the life of a devotee in a convent.  Indeed, perhaps the devotees in the convents have more fun and are more exciting than those living in the apartments of RLC.  Is it just me?  Am I that perverted that I expect out of 16 apartments of young couples and singles I am expected to see a bit more action?  This puritanical outlook and living style seems to me  to be especially prevalent in the newer apartments.   Again, is it me?  Am I wrong to long for Isabella and Marcel?  Please comment.  Enquiring minds want to know!! :cry:

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