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Wrongs in b1&b2


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I understand people are happy just seeing all these beutyfull girls, but for me, I feel self pleasuring is part of the concept we pay to watch.

They have no probablem teasing infront of the cams, so why do they need to hide when they bate.

They are fun and lovely girls, but what they do, they hide to masturbate, how can one excuse that?

Same for everyone, except Angelina!

They can give endless tease shows, but hide to self pleasure.

This is a voyeur site, so when they do this, isn't that betrayal?

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Yeppers.....it is being betrayed by them!!  When I was a member of RLC, of course I wanted to see them bate openly.  However, they don't have to aim it at the cam if they don't want to but at least have an open bate.  It's the same thing when they have a dump truck load of covers on the bed, any little movement and any kind of view is obscured.  Never have understood it myself.  For a voyeur site there are quite a few problems that need to get addressed and the only way that is going to happen is by contacting them and telling them.  I can't believe I'm still up and typing this lol.  I need to haul ass through the Barca threads and go to bed.....fishing trip this weekend and I'm not even ready lol.

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