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  1. Just In

    Roberta & Fil

    Yep turning on the light sure made the guy disappear.
  2. Just In

    Ary & George Part #3

    Isn't it great how most are experts on this guy & how his penis should work, I noticed that during the bath he had a semi some of the time so that should be classed as progress. I know that I would say I would have a rock hard cock in his position but in reallity I may have full retreat.
  3. Just In

    Chris & Dana

    After a little thought wouldn't it be better if another cam was placed under the counter top that way we get a nice close up & eliminate the very small blind spot in the hall.
  4. Just In


    Hey Sparkles, Maria (Mary) didn't arrive to VH until 14th March 2017.
  5. Just In


    Or ultra focused if held the right way.🤣
  6. Just In


    Insurance that the hair is done right?🤣🤣🤣
  7. Mira has at least one more that I can remember, it was one of the times Vera stayed with Mira out of concern that she didn't have another with Henry being away, I think it may have been a month or 2 before there holiday.
  8. Just In

    Evie & Mike

    I didn't notice Sophie, must be she has too many clothes on.🤣
  9. Just In

    Ary & George Part #3

    It might be good place to turn the camera to this line and get a little view of the couch.
  10. Just In

    Molly & Jeff

    Is it me because I just don't understand this, Molly is a very beautiful woman who was freaking out the other day at the thought of the orgy but then goes and plays with herself whilst someone on the other end of the interwebs plays with themselves.
  11. Just In

    Chris & Dana

    What a lovely ass Dana has.
  12. Just In

    Chris & Dana

    All this talk about cams but has anyone noticed that the best cam (cam 3) is one of the old types of cams.
  13. We pretty much just call them seizures as folk were getting confused by the different types.
  14. Here in the UK we don't use the terminolgy of grand/petty mal for seizures anymore. But you are correct and nice prompt action from Henry.👍
  15. I hope Mira is ok which after rest she should be, also that could be quite a scare for someone to see if not seen before so I hope the teacher is ok too.