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  1. Just In

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    You're not the only one affected by this bloody law, gets me all the time.😞
  2. IMO last night's sex with George's girl isn't as bad as people have made it out to be, unlike the Zack incident this woman was drunk and was still able to speak and when she started to cry it took a moment or two for the others to realize that she was no longer into it and they stopped what they were doing. As I have said before George's style of sex isn't for everyone and I don't particularly like that style as I think it is too rough for my taste's but to place it in the same category as the Zack incident is ludicrous as Zack and his croney wouldn't have stopped until they were satisfied.
  3. Awww that's sweet.😇🤣
  4. I think Stas may prefer the team style of yoga. He looked more into it than doing solo poses.😁
  5. If I were to guess I would think that it would be that they came in when compitition wasn't as strong and built up a fan base in that time, but this is only a guess.
  6. I think what hasn't helped them is this apartment camera setup, mostly the living area is bad. Kitchen cam you need binoculars, cam 2 is an awkward angle and aiming down & cam 3 which was the best cam was moved closer and IMO is too close. To be honest apart from the apartment I think there are way to many places open that stifles the likes of a couple like this who could be great to watch. IMO they could easily close half of the apartments and have a better product all round.
  7. One of the originals unless Lisa has managed to burn it out. Unlike Misty who burnt hers out within a couple of months (even a machine couldn't keep up with Misty🤣).
  8. Just In

    Juliet (2019) Part #1

    Also the operators are human and can miss things, I think that is why it was a great idea for the moments request board to be opened as a collective we see more.
  9. Talk for yourself I'd be hoping to last longer than a minute.😁
  10. What are you talking about, it is obviously cold outside and the nose starts to become runny.
  11. Just In

    Evie & Mike (2019) Part #1

    Video call to Dana & Chris.
  12. Video call to Evie & Mike.
  13. Just In

    VHTV music

    I want to hear some dirty jokes.🙏 This could be fun Amy - Ash & Ooopel all aiming for a bit of Jeff. Who will win? Sorry ladies I'm putting my money on the winner.🤣
  14. I think this is another pair for Dana?