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  1. Just In


    Or does Nina know that Alan is cheating with Nina & has Nina got a second personality that we don't know about? Nah, twiiter guy is just plain dumb.🤣🤣
  2. Just In

    Viki & Kate, Evelina

    I was actually wondering if Evalina was still livng here as I haven't seen her for ages, not that she did much since the guy (that she was with when she first joined the house) had disappeared.
  3. Just In

    Hunter & Piper

    Yes it is.😀
  4. Just In

    Hunter & Piper

    I see you have been talking about the elusive clitoris, but did you know they are easy to find (google is my friend). Here you go I have solved the mystery for all.😲🤣🤣
  5. Just In

    Trixie & Leah

    WTF, that isn't Sid there already is it?
  6. Just In

    Trixie & Leah

    It looks like they have moved a couple of cams and maybe setting one up in the hall.
  7. Just In

    Trixie & Leah

    Me too.💋
  8. Just In

    Kiramy & May

    The only thing coming up is my dinner if Gargamil does anything sexual.🤮🤣
  9. Just In

    Paisley & Cletus

    Unfortunately it is.😞
  10. Just In

    Melissa & Sergio

    Welcome to CC @MelissaSergio, if you intend to interact here can I give the advice not to take what is said here to heart as there will be postitive and negative comments. Just try to enjoy.😀
  11. Just In

    Marla & Hector

    It started in my mind as one two Hector is coming for you, three four better lock your door, five six Marla's gonna suck your dick. Damn you lucky guy and that fantasy would be epic.😀
  12. Just In

    Marla & Hector

    @Crerigan If you have this in your house then you need to capitalise and advertise for scary movies to be filmed.🤣🤣 p.s I know you probably don't but I would be jealous if you did.😀