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  1. Just In

    Becca & Ben

    Wouldn't it be really funny if this brunette turns out to be the real Becca, and Ben was cheating with the other one at C&P&W house.
  2. Have Foxy & Kira apartment lost there water supply that they have used NAS apartment the last couple of days to get washed?
  3. I wouldn't say it is only F&K that get the royal treatment, whenever I do check the twitter at the bottom of the page it is 2 or 3 or more of one apartment within half a dozen posts. Yet there are actually 30 apartmants now that he can twit about.
  4. Twitter guy seems to get transfixed on a apartment and does numerous tweets then remembers that there are other places that should get attention.
  5. Foxy was like that with the other woman as well, I think it maybe her way that she likes all the attention and chooses the one's that will give her that.
  6. Just In

    VHTV music

    Some of the music Foxy & Nasya was listening to in the bath at NAS house:
  7. I don't think it's an insult if I lead it, is it?🤔
  8. And I'm stupid enough to pay a sub for this!
  9. IMO Anni is watching one of the best films ever made & I'm not telling what it is.😋
  10. Maybe this black box isn't so much for the tenants benefit but more aimed to provide privacy for guests who don't want to have them broadcast over the Internet taking a piss or dump.
  11. You forgot the most important other one which was some make nonsense. 😀