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  1. well jessica spended the night outside with the guy and she is just back home at 11.30 am this morning, my expectation to see her having sex on camera is totally gone now, during her first visit it's her did not want with the rlc guy and this time it's this new guy don't want it's complicated
  2. she said a friend of her will come soon here for a couple of days if i heard good
  3. if he is a camcaps member he know we don't like the blanket sex 🙂
  4. you are lucky, i dream to see one day on rlc people speak french but i think it will never happen
  5. this is why i prefer see couple relationship, i find this more interesting to watch than this boring parties girls, ok we are not always lucky with the bf of the girls
  6. he is probably here just for the week-end, i haven't see any bags
  7. more mature than the bf of sara and stella no doubt on that
  8. seems to be the first meet between them this is my impression
  9. i think they are tired of their repetitive parties also 🙂
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