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  1. yes i agree, some roomates apartments too with local girls, the most important thing to me is to see people with a social life on cameras for taking pleasure to watch them and i am happy to see them on top cam
  2. if all the rlc houses was like this one with a true social life with many visit of friends (not like leora malia 🙂) you can be sure rlc will have a better ranking this is this type of apartments rlc need to open
  3. ok ,seems this is the rhythm they have for this apartment, they go away somewhere regularly for some days
  4. don't tell me they are already in vacation again lol
  5. seems we have a blowjob marathon night for gina
  6. curly never tried to fuck the ass of gina for the moment?
  7. because B2 is not very popular i think but i am almost sure this one will be uploaded
  8. the problem is you have the impression to see 100 times the same show because we know them very good now so zero surprise this is why i am not member i am waiting the next arrival i am watching just with the blurry thumbnails and i read camcaps it's sufficiant for me until to see new girls and couples
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