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  1. i know but when i see how VH is right now it was much better with them in my opinion and just admire their fantastic ass or tits was sufficiant for me
  2. i was talking because of all this chocolate on the ginger body, it remind me the other night 🙂 and ginger not attract me at all i can't watch her anymore
  3. i am going to throw up, 10 seconds is sufficiant for me in B1
  4. finally panties off for Olya on the bed, i know rlc and the tenants read camcaps 😉, keep going Olya
  5. ask VH to do all for try to bring back isa/bart, daniel/dominessa (with Lora),clarice/sean,leonie/barney,piper/hunter,clara/stas,nadia/obi,darcie with a new bf and pay them better this time for they stay on VH ! for me since all these departures VH is dead and inattractive,the good old days on VH are behind us if VH continue in this direction with this low coast casting in generally ,my opinion and i can talk also about all this shitty cameras there is again on the new apartments they open, well there is alot of points where VH have to progress i have zero envy to renew on VH when i see what VH have to offer right now because all my favorites apartments are gone now and only one interest me right now on the current list
  6. this christmas light should be authorized only in december and january 🙂, this type of light is a catastroph for the cameras quality
  7. B2 is unwatchable with all this christmas light did they know we are in april and not in december
  8. i think it's 3 months i have not checked their twitter account i am tired of all this useless tweets it does not smell good for this site
  9. don't tell me Fiona is in relationship with Stifler the minute man
  10. and Virenque, Riis, Landis, Contador etc....very easy to find testers
  11. ask jan ullrich for test some medicine he has already some experience with that 😁
  12. it's called a white year, Rolland Garros is reported to end of september but there is the time to be cancelled too, there is alot of chance the US open will be cancelled too, and i can't imagine to watch the tour de france without spectators on the side on the road it's just not possible for me (pour une fois qu'il passait pas très loin de chez moi )
  13. well there is a new home page, i translate for you it means in the voyeurlife language only few months left , they lost all credibility before start
  14. Wimbledon is cancelled this is the first time since the second world war, i bet the next big sport event to be cancelled will be "the tour de france" , what a shit year
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