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  1. 50 tickets sold of 150 tks = 7500 tokens 1000 tks= around 50 $ for them and i don't count all the tips they receveid too and the pvt show 2 camming session per day you can make the count it's a good deal for them CB right now and kirill can say thanks to Elli they make much more tokens since she is in the show with all the money kirill make on CB he can replace now this shit camera in the living room maybe...
  2. it was the highlight of the week 😄, next episode in a week
  3. again a lesbian couple 😏, just my opinion but start to have too much lesbian couples on VH
  4. touch your pussy on the panties and you have already 80% of chance to be on top cam this is rlc...
  5. it's sufficiant for be on top cam on rlc ! i check just the thumbnails on my side
  6. they can ask Dominessa or Clarice they have some masks in reserve
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