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  1. i don't know because i have many difficulty to load the rlc site also, this is why i think there is problem on my side too and not only on the vh side
  2. the only choice i have to do if i want watch VH is switch in sd quality and i have to deal with deal 😏 and the most crazy thing is i have lagg also in sd quality, seems many others having lagg issues and if you add my slow internet you have this result, i'm gonna switch in my couch and in front of my TV very soon
  3. 😂 so maybe it's not only my shit internet and it's the hours where there is alot of traffic in europe too
  4. yes need guests in this apartment because darcie/stifler alone are not interesting to watch they start to be old on VH, need new people
  5. Elli never taking shower or what ? it's 4 days i have renew and still no shower with her maybe there is a hidden shower place
  6. finally vh realized it was a waste of time
  7. one thing is sure it's my last suscription on voyeur sites for the moment untill the situation stay like that and i have not solve this problem, it's not pleasant at all to watch a voyeur site in this condition, i will spend my time on CB and youtube i have no problem on this sites 🙂
  8. could be that also i have 2 x 4 GB windows 10 64 bits i5 but normally it's enough for this type of sites, never had problem before
  9. you need to have the fiber for have this speed but where i live (very small city) i have not this is the ADSL i have , for have the fiber i have to wait 2025, maybe i should think to move in other city the next summer or try another provider
  10. yes i tried on firefox also but same result, wait few minutes i try to clean all my cookies and cache for see the result and restart my computer after
  11. i have around 13 MB at this hours yes it's correct, i restarted my box but the problem continue, i have a freeze every 3 seconds
  12. my result is good at this hours but i have problem again i don't understand, maybe try to clean my cookies and cache
  13. well i tested on rlc and i have the same freeze problem so this is my fucking internet connection again i am tired with that
  14. the VH site is slow, i have regular freeze every 3 seconds and it's taking time for load a camera
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