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  1. don't know if you have noticed but there is no more hot party with guest couples with hot card games for example or things like that, now the party are behind the Tv for play video games ! for me daniel seems to be a little bit depressed and the video games is a good refuge
  2. I will send one of my friend in this apartment for make sure the air conditioned not working this summer 😄
  3. let see this summer with 40 degrees inside the bedroom if she will continue hiding with the cover or not
  4. looks like there is activity for one time in this apartment for change 🙂
  5. with the politic of rlc there is alot of chances she will return later one more time don't worry for that, we start to know how is the management of the girls apartments
  6. exactly 😁 , too many hours lose on this video games
  7. I think she have spend already 6 months on rlc with her past vacation here it's longer
  8. come on daniel stop this video games, the time you spend on that is not a time you spend with dominessa or with the others for entertainment us, you don't see dominessa need some love and sex ! the video games is the best life killer
  9. not sad also Iam happy to see her leaving, time for fresh blood and not another recycle girl pls
  10. don't need long time for packing, on 1 or 2 hours it's done
  11. I have spend more time to watch alana during the past days than watch B4 during the last three months and it's not with lorraine the thing will change
  12. the video games will kill this interest of this apartment
  13. yes not much to see during her last vacation as far I remember
  14. and btw if it's an apartment managed by alex/lina I will not watch, this manager is on my shitlist I boycott all his apartments
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