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  1. yes it's strange for me also, me when I go in vacation I take a short a tee-shirt and let's go, I will check CB for see if they continue camming or not I don't think VH tell us the verity
  2. it's writed now they are on vacation, they took also the small TV in the bedroom and I have to say almost everything in the apartment 😁 it looks deserted now edit: a month vacation
  3. I have to say after few days they will be more worse than julia/eric because this is a fake couple
  4. she surprised us the other day with a good ass spread for a guy on the phone so I think she can be good for barcelona 😁 but not in B2 for sure, depend with what girls she will be
  5. guest girl left with her suitcase helped by the guy at 6.35 am, bye guest girl and hope see you soon maybe in barcelona...
  6. yes it's weird but this is the answer I got, don't know if it's true or not
  7. they are on vacation, I got news from the support
  8. the bf of amalia snoring very strong, I don't know how she does for sleeping 😁
  9. yes he spended his time to hide with the blanket I remember very good, I am not interested to watch him again personaly and I don't find this girl very attractive also, vanessa was better
  10. I remember when thomas was with vanessa it took 6 months before he start fuck her without cover so we have time
  11. let see tomorrow without alcohol if we will have the same result, I doubt about that
  12. yes not the most sexy moment of the night this is the price to pay 😁
  13. it's normal with the alcohol to have erect problem I don't want blame him it was a great night
  14. just choose the best angle for not watch his ass there is 3 cameras
  15. and during this time in B2 zzzzzzzzzzzzz😁
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