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First RLC Memories?


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i thought this will be sumthing fun to do to see how long some of CC members have been apart of RLC...i was just wondering what is some of things members remember most about RLC...Examples being like who was the first couple or person you saw on cam? Or the first act of sex you watched on cam? or even the first fight you watched....like for me ive been watching the cams since the beginning of DEC me and my Gf bout being in our mid 20's was looking for a cam site to broadcast on together and i stumbled across RLC the first person i laid my eyes on was Lora i believe she was walkng around doing Laundry and i fell in love with her ass i checked the site out a lil and i then saw Nora sitting on the floor in her lil red shorts she used to wear with her ass up in the air i then brought a membership and ended up catching John and Maria having sex that ws my first action i ever watched lol i spent a few hours each day checking up on cams i watched the Olga situation was my first fight i watched and since then alot has happened i dont watch cams that much anymore even tho i keep an active membership so i comes hear to see what i have missed and i appreciate all the contributions thats comes through here and i apologize for my misspelling and lack of sentences and paragraphs lol i just rushed throught typing this

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Guest NL Forever

I came upon the RLC site quite by accident in late Dec 2012.....just randomly surfing....

My first, and over-riding impression, was of seeing and being totally captivated by the "girl next door" beauty of Nora - of course they seemed to be happier in those days, more fun loving....it would be nice to get that back again, for their sake.

I stumbled upon CC by accident around about the same time.....JoJoGunne was still very active at that time, and it was because of members like him and Acerikrion, that I started posting so much stuff (albeit supported by other members from time to time).

During the past few months I have been "reincarnated" a few times, banned from RLC at least twice, and had my mediafire account blocked/suspended on three or four occasions. But it was worth it......  ;D

I no longer have an account with RLC, but you never know....if anyone wishes to donate theirs I may be persuaded to start up again (although Jake and a few others are doing a pretty good job of posting at the moment).....in the meantime I am happy to post others' videos up, just PM me the links.

It's good to see so many newer members having the guts to post stuff up (we did go through a rather "empty" period a while ago when RLC seemed to be all over CC), and it is great that contributors such as Squirrel can provide entertaining and witty commentaries, rather than just clamouring after sex tapes....  ;D

And I would like to point out that "Invite Only" members are NOT part of RLC in any way.......but then I would say that wouldn't I......  ;D 

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Yea i found CC right when i found RLC i just figured there will be a forum like this that caps stuff and discuss because i know there is alot of Big Brother forums that does that but like you NL when i found CC all those guys you mention was in full-force contributing here and yea once RLC got ahold of it it did slow stuff down then i remember you coming along and i for one really appreciated it now i see alot of new guys contributing like the old days and its guys like them that makes CC what it is today i know if i had more time to ill record videos and other stuff just never have the time

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