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Solution to RLC Replay Lagging Issue

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If you have been experiencing choppy playback of RLC Replay, I have a fix for it that might work. 

Download Opera browser if you haven't and try it from there. It has worked for a few people so far, hopefully this is fixed soon on Chrome and other browsers.

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Guest Slipper Guyquad

Problems again with Replay for me! Live play is fine, no trouble at all.

Anyone else having an issue over the last couple of days? Each browser, same problem. The audio is fine, the video is stuttering. If i look at the clock in the top corner, it will freeze for, say, 2 seconds, then jump ahead to catch up again. So imagine counting and instead of it being 1,2,3,4,5,6, instead it will read as you count 1,2,3,3,3,6. But the sound continues without fault.

I am on an i7, so there should be nothing wrong. And even Opera, which is the best quality i've seen, is faulty. On Chrome it's worse.

Anyone else finding faults?

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