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Guest Squirrel

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Guest Squirrel

I think admin agrees with me that keeping topics clean is nearly impossible.

But it's important. This is just a promo for Old Dudes' Forum Section.

Hit the Old Dude's board as soon as you can, but you must be mature. TBG is adamant about this. We'll let you in the door; regardless of age, creed, color, national origin, or sexual orientation as long as you know your stuff; that is always required...It's an offshoot of CC: we begged for it; Admin gave it to us to clean up discussions from Video or Pix sections, and it's a free-for-all amongst gentlemen and gentle women. Polite discussions of politics, culture, and women (or ugh, the guys) are encouraged. We drink the finest liquors and smoke fine cigars. Attractive people of our chosen orientation sit nearly naked upon our laps, and willingly attend to our needs as we discuss important issues without the cost of distraction and bandwidth on the other CC boards.

What's not to love about Old Dude's?

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