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Who of the current batch of girls in all the Barcelona apartments should be replaced according to you?


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My picks are:

B1 Yana: maybe unfair as my sub ran out a couple of days after she arrived but she seemed uninteresting

B2 Lara: she seems to be a loner and completely inactive sexually

B4 all of them: I’m not a fan of any of them despite them looking sexy but they just don’t do enough of what I want them to do

B5 Tereza just to change things up a bit

Carla and Yanai could leave too imo, it is my least watched cam by far mainly because I don’t feel any attraction towards the occupants.

Martina, Karol are great should stay though it would freshen things up of Martina stays in a different environment. It seems couples don’t often change apartments though. Nelly cool too imo but Kimberley I don’t find very attractive.

That are quite a bit of changes in total 🤔


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