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Somebody need to school Shantal on how things work. All of that stretching, walking around with lingerie on, taking a shower with that dim light so nobody can see her that good. Plus everytime she decide to play with the cookie, she's always got that blanket over her. She remind me of the 2 sisters that were there before in that room and the other sister did the same thing, never showed anything. It's not because she's black, she looks good, she never does anything. It's actually a waste of time looking at her. I hate to tell you that I'm a black man saying this, she need to participate. If anybody know her, you need to speak up and say something to her. I'm not saying anything bad about her, even though she looks good. I noticed that they're keeping a lot of people in these places for a long time rather than putting new people in those rooms. Well enjoy your day, that's enough from me.

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