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RLC are stupid, aren't they


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If there is similar thread already then sorry - this one might be deleted.

I mean why they does not want recordings to be made of what's happened in the rooms? After all it would be very nice viral advertizing - free for them and made by fans - constantly... I am thinking on this matter after realizing that xhamster have deleted a video of mine after complaining by RLC... I dont care so much if the video is there or if it is deleted - I uploaded it to share the missed moments with others. But I think that they will win much more if they allow users to share recordings - more popularity = more paid members. ;) And they dont lose anything - it is not like typical porno website with previously recorded material and if someone share it then no one will buy the paid product - it is streaming where every moment something new is happening; they dont sell previously recorded material either.

So what do you think? :)

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