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your vision of rlc in two years


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what is your vision of rlc in two years,what tenants will be again here or not in two years:

my vision in two years is:

*leora/paul will be always here and continue always the same life.

*for maya/stepan i don't think this appartment will be again online in two years,it's my impression

*dasha/demid will be again here for sure,this couple don't give problem for rlc so there is no reason rlc remove this couple i think.

*nina/kira again here

*for zoya/lev i don't see this couple in two years again here,after another big fight with drunk lev,i see this couple leaving and another couple come here,why not efim/gf.

*i don't see carla/mario again here in two years too

*adrianna/daniel will be here in two years

*for carina/sabrina im not sure they will be always here and i don't see blue hair again here in two years,i see big fight with blue hair and blue leave for good.

*suzan/hector always here,they have understand the  business,take the money every month and go in vacation with that 2 or 3 months per years,no reason that's change

*for nelly/bogdan i don't see this couple again here,nelly don't look super happy in this appartment,my opinion

*i see masha/sasha back in russia in other appartment

*for the nora appartment,nothing will change,always many girls comme here and stay between 1 and 3 months

*for kamila/kristy,i don't see kamila stay 2 years here 

*aneska/karel,this time i think it's the couple couple for this appartment and i see this couple here in two years


this is my vision with the tenants in two years

for the rest i think we will have maybe 2 or 3 totally new appartments but some appartments will be offline forever (maybe maya and carla appartments)

what is your vision in two years?

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