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Can anypne else see whats goin on at Alma's???


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If your watching right now, Alma is wearing an oversized shirt which causes her tit to hang out. It's CLEAR to me what the hell is going on here. Steffi is, as usual, sporting his underwear because he likes how it shows his bulge. NOW, I'm watching today with Alma doing chores with this huge shirt that makes her have to adjust it cuz it exposes her entire tit(in a bra). I'm thinking it's a little "get back" tactic and the roommate dude is lovin' it!!! So am I actually!

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Aaaah, homefair mon frere! You may say that only because your one of those, like Steffi, that are blind to certain signs of psychology! So just put that in your pipe and smoke it! It may open your eyes to things that are unseen to some. I'll throw something out that you may not see. Alma & Steffi's roommates. If you watch the dude, he clearly gives off HUGE signs that he has a crush on Alma. I'll clue you in what they are in my next comment but first lets see if you can spot them. Go ahead, I'll wait.

If anyone else see the clues, post them up, let's see who's got the knowledge of psychological college!!!

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