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Help me write a new script


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Hi all!

please help me write a new script to open all cameras for free.

I need the help of someone with an account to access his account with google chrome and right click on the blocked cameras (for you they are open because you logged on).

For each blocked camera choose from the context menu : "inspect element"

You will see an "a" element surrounded by a "div" element.

right click the "div" element and choose "copy as HTML".

paste the results here :)

the div elements should look like this:

<div class="galki-vpravo menu3" onclick="changeclass('03_3');return false;" style="display: block;">

<a href="cam03_3.stream?key=e1672Sexpire=1375936566Ssign=edf10f860362d84300bdeb9f7a8d4401" data-camid="03_3" id="03_3" class=""> 3. Bathroom (1) <!--<img src="/images/voce-off.png" alt="" width="23" height="23" border="0">--><!--<img src="/images/hd-off.png" alt="" width="23" height="23" border="0">--></a>


* You can erase the key and sign part if you want, i dont need it. (key=e1672Sexpire=1375936566Ssign=edf10f860362d84300bdeb9f7a8d4401)

** Please help us all!!

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