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Dasha & Demid - Pictures (2016)

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to see her bate again

is my fav fantasy.

wish she would go to the bathroom

and bate but

the shower curtain would block the view

for the most part but

it would bring a smile to me

knowing she still has life

oh well, I can dream

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I am always wishing

when it comes to her.

she is just yummy

he was gone for a day, comes in and watches movies  :wtf:

and I'm wishing the damn cover would get moved

so I can get a glimpse of that lovely ass

before I leave since I don't watch cpls having sex

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lol, hope no tells on the cat.


but this is another fantasy since it is no longer a real thing anymore.

her chasity belt, yeah spelling is wrong, is junk food and a phone game but

in my mind, she looks at something else later, removes her panties, begins to play, gets up and goes to the bathroom, and gets back to bed to sleep.

all this happens and I can't see anything. why, you say, is this a fantasy?

because it's been sssooooooo longggggggg that my mind has adapted.


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