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  1. I agree Malia was checking her phone as well. It could be Malia started using her phone as she was not getting any response from Leora at all.
  2. Looks like Malia gave up, Leora was more interested in her phone than anything Malia was doing.
  3. Masha's name has been removed from the list of participants, that would indicate she is gone.
  4. Is it possible that Leora is very demanding and difficult to be in a relationship with. I just can't see loverboy making the same mistakes over and over again for 9 months. It takes two to make a relationship work.
  5. I would like to see 3 new cameras added, 2 of them to be ceiling mounted directly above each bed and the third one facing the main door.
  6. Yes they usually start with a back massage and that is followed by a body massage where they rub their tits on each other, and then they finish the show with a mutual bate, at least that is how it is so often. If they do a show tonight there is a good chance one of them will be out overnight tomorrow.
  7. I think Malia is just waiting to go back out, her bedroom door is still closed.
  8. If a young woman joined RLC while she was going to university and got an income and a place to live for that duration I can see that, and then move on to a career outside of RLC. I have not seen Leora do anything in the past 7-8 years to get ready for a life in the real world. When she leaves RLC and wants to find a normal job, most employers want to know about your most recent employment, and all she could say is that she has been a cam girl for 8 years, and that would not impress any employer. Although she has an easy life, it's something she can only do for so long, and when she decides to
  9. The first sentence of your post I thought the exact same thing. When I saw the mutual bate yesterday my first thought was they will both be out overnight tomorrow(Friday). I would rather see them do something solo or together because they wanted to, not because they felt obligated to do it, I think that would be much better for the viewers.
  10. Agreed, A bate with stay ups and heels was so erotic, thank you Radi, and she is not done yet.
  11. You may not be the minority like you think you are, I am sure many people know what she does is just a show for the cameras. She will always position herself for the best viewing angle, and that would not be necessary unless it's just a show for the cameras.
  12. Slipper, you don't deserve shit from anyone, your post was accurate and well said.
  13. I understand completely slipper, I feel the same way. It's beginning to be a situation where Malia is away more than she is home, and Leora is on the phone all night. I don't see much of interest happening in this apartment anymore. These days I spend more time watching Radi than Leora as it's always the same thing day after day with her.
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