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  1. Reply to Snoopy 1 I will admit she does not look like she is missing him right now. Its just my opinion the money is more important than cameras, as we all need money to live on. If cameras were more important to her I think she would have been on chaturbate a long time ago. I think you will agree she would be in high demand on chaturbate, and make a lot of money.
  2. Reply to Snoopey1 Your post was well said. I would like to offer a different perspective on Leora and Paul. Most people thought Leora was brought back because RLC was loosing money without her, and that may be true. My thoughts are Leora asked to come back because when RLC shut down all the Russian cameras as her income was suddenly cut off, and Paul trying to build a business and not making much money right now, maybe they were beginning to have financial problems. I think Leora moving to Prague was an opportunity to earn a living while Paul builds up his business, and they will have some sort of long distance relationship in the meantime. The fact that Paul was there and sleeping with her would indicate he still means a lot to her.
  3. Reply to jugghead. why don't you think Leora would not go back to Russia with paul, Its obvious they are still a couple. Besides, this is the first time in months she has had any real human interaction. Other than rlc what does she really have in Prague, she spends all her time alone, comes home to an empty apartment and can only talk to friends and family on skype. I think that could become very boring after several months. We don't know what is going on in their lives, but I can't imagine Paul willing to be without her for long.
  4. Reply to Felix 75. I agree with you that Paul will not be staying to long, my guess is around January 10th, that would be three days after the Russian Christmas. It will be interesting to see when Paul goes back to Russia if Leora goes with him.
  5. We all know by now Paul is with Leora and that should confirm they are still a couple. What I am interested in knowing is when Paul's visit is over and he goes back to Russia will Leora be going with him.
  6. Reply to piedpiper 1968. I don't think he is a new boyfriend because he is speaking russian and on skype, and that would indicate he probably lives in russia. If he were someone who lives in Prague it would be easier to talk face to face than a video chat.
  7. Reply to Hornymacho. If you want to know what Leora is saying you can buy a portable language translator.
  8. Reply to pudley. I don't think Leora is seeing anybody, if she were l think she would be out more often and not bating daily. it will be interesting to see if she spends the holidays with Paul, if she doesn't l would think that may be a sign their is something wrong with their relationship. Besides, getting seriously involved with someone else is probably not a good idea as her time in Prague is limited, and that would make things complicated when she has to leave the country.
  9. Reply to Nicholas. I also think Leora is the best they have, and it's great they added new cameras. Its my opinion the thought of living in a new country at first sounded very exciting to Leora, but after a few months of living alone that excitement has worn off. The only contact she has with friends and family is via skype, and that's a poor substitute for being with people. It's likely she will go home for Christmas to spend time with family and friends and at that time I would not be surprised if she did not come back, because their is really nothing to come back too. I hope I am wrong.
  10. Reply to Ash 1 I completely agree with your post. I also don't believe the cameras are down so the tenant can receive a special friend or do something off camera. I doubt RLC even bothers to inform the tenant when the cameras will be down, that may not be in their best interest.
  11. Reply to jimbo4 jimbo4, You commented that Leora only has a father, her mother died when she was young. I would like to know how you found that out. The reason I am asking is about 2 weeks ago Leora was on skype talking to an older woman, and a few times during the conversation I clearly heard Leora say the word "mama". Although I don't speak russian I do know the word mama is commonly used by russian people when speaking to their mother. It would seem odd to call someone else mama other than your mother.
  12. I will post another comment about the power failure in Prague. Some people asked me where the multiple sources about the power outage were. I will comment on that. I just googled- power outage in Prague September 30 2019 weather channel. The top three news articles that came up on screen talk about it. I doubt anyone believes the weather channel would invent a story like that. there is no conspiracy, just an act of nature.
  13. Reply to harley Fatboy. You said I need to check my facts before posting nonsense, really. When I googled it, it was posted on www.radio cz, and www.xinhuanet.com and others. So I do have my facts straight. Perhaps you should learn better internet research skills.
  14. I can't believe some of the comments posted here about Leora. The power outage was real and effected thousands of people, at least according to multiple media outlets. There are to many people trying to speculate what is going on with her, and the truth is we will never know for sure. I think some people have become way to preoccupied with what is going on in her life. I would say be happy she is back and enjoy what she gives without trying to figure things out. The only thing I would like to know is when will her visitor visa expire, and will she be staying with RLC after that.
  15. Just thought I would pass this along . This morning while looking at Leora in her new place, I noticed she was having a video chat with Paul. This conversation lasted over a half hour and several times I could hear Leora laughing. Based on what I saw I would say Paul is still in her life and they seem to get along very well. I wish I could speak their language so I wold have a better idea what is going on with them. I did some research and found out Leora could go to czech republic with a visa, but that is only good for 90 days. If she wanted to stay longer she would need an extended visa, which is generally done through her employer, but in her case the employer is reallifecam, that may make it difficult for an extension. Its just my opinion, but I think Leora's time in Prague will be a matter of months, and where she goes after that is anybody' guess. I doubt Leora will get involved with anybody new because of her temporary status and it appears she has not completely split from Paul. We will see how it all plays out . But for now it's nice to see her again.
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