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  1. I was thinking the same thing Nicholas, if Leora is involved with a new man and having sex with him I think any activity between the ladies may not happen as much and Malia could start to feel left out.
  2. It beginning to looks like another night of watching a nude women be on her phone all night. I think when Malia came into the room naked she was hoping for something with Leora, but Malia does not know Leora bated this afternoon and may not need anything else today. I think Malia will be disappointed once again. Needless to say I hope I am wrong and Leora will surprise us all.
  3. Tonight I watched the L&M show as it was happening, and their is no doubt in my mind it was real, and not just a show for the cameras. Malia got Leora breathing heavy and sweating, and that is something you just can't fake. I would like to thank Malia for getting things started tonight, she is definitely feeling better.
  4. Pepe, I agree with you, I think Leora will spend the day with Malia and maybe some other friends, then be out of the apartment Friday and Saturday night.
  5. Its sad to hear that leora is leaving, I think that caught us all by surprise. I believe when she leaves she will not come back again and reallifecam won't be the same without her. As much as I like Malia I don't think she will stay there very long by herself. Whatever Leora does in the future, I just hope the Lady finds true happiness.
  6. Reply to hampelo. I believe it is, in the past she has returned around 2-6 AM local time.
  7. Reply to Nicholas. I don't understand Leora's logic either. I suspect this guy she is involved with is years younger than her, as most men close to thirty years old are not still living with mom and dad. It has been said that Leora has invited him over to her apartment more than once, and each time he has declined. I can't understand why when a woman like leora would invite him back to her apartment, and he say's no to the invitation every time, I would say there is something wrong, or something she does not know about.
  8. Reply to Lewis. Lewis no one should be upset by your post. I appreciate that you translate what your hear.
  9. Reply to slipper guyquad. No slipper you are not an idiot for liking what what you see. Leora's apartment is the only reason that I still pay every month, and I also have no interest in seeing her with some guy. You may recall a couple of weeks ago in the bedroom Leora started to bate and with the other hand she did the same thing to Malia, and I don't believe that was planned. I have noticed facial expressions and body movement on both of them, and I think they both get pleasure from what they are doing. although some say it's fake, I still like watching, so you are not the only one.
  10. Reply to mike r. You are right it did seem to cause a lot drama for her. If I am not mistaken she has been home at night all week. BTW, it looks like most of my post was cut off, I am only seeing the last seven words of the post on screen.
  11. Reply to slipper guyquad. It was really nice to see the ladies cuddled up together and showing affection towards each other. I was happy to see Leora spending a friday night with Malia instead of going out with friends, and I hope we get to see more of the same tomorrow.
  12. Reply to Brokk. Yes it is strange time to go out, but recently she went out after midnight. Perhaps she was planning to stay in, then something came up for her.
  13. Reply to Pepe. I will have to agree with your comment. The night is not over yet, so something may still happen.
  14. Reply to Xarvaz. Now they are eating, but what I said in my post was happening. Its just my opinion but if your phone is more important than the person you are with, that is being rude.
  15. Reply to Concour 1. At first i thought something might happen tonight, but Leora wont stay off her goddamn phone. Malia has been completely ignored, and I don't think Leora has a clue how rude she is being to her best friend.
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