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  1. My guess is the cameras will turn back on at some point and RLC will pretend like nothing happened lol
  2. Luna mentioned a contract which i would guess she means RLCs contract says they cannot cover cameras so that's why she had to uncover them
  3. Hi Luna, I am just popping next door, Do you want anything? lol
  4. Yeah hut do they know she is stealing from next door as well
  5. Luna said she is worried about doing a big shopping trip because it will get eaten, so she is waiting till guest is gone I think
  6. I think she just broke into the next house and stole some food
  7. Just listening to Luna the guest doesn't work or study so it would make sense that she is sofa surfing at the moment.
  8. Has anyone checked inside the fridge? Guest might be living in there now
  9. I am just judging what i have heard her say, Plus she is annoyed with the guest spending so much time with her boyfriend, if the relationship wasn't real then why would she care?
  10. It is still a real relationship even if you think it won't last long
  11. On the phone she said that she really thinks this relationship will be a long one
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