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  1. Even the girls who show up with boy friends and found out to be all were in fake relationship. Stella . One week she shows up with BF after 1 month she is fuckking curly and his friend. Belle comes up with her BF and sucking a dick of Megans BF Megan shows up with BF and sucks Belle's BF Damira shows up with BF and then fucks another guy Electras BF visit and then she goes to B4 to fuck with ginger another guy . So goes on and on. All these are fake relationships.
  2. 12:13:34 she left and he was fucking her next to door in mimi room. Even the fatso went to the door and told him that Gina is leaving and he kept fucking
  3. Kitchen replay 22:58:58 Looks like the guy attacked or did something and the girls screamed and closed the kitchen door
  4. so RLC rented the villa from someone illegally and he came today and got drunk and found some girls. want a piece of them in return thinking its kind of whore house but found two guys who beat the shit out of him. Now he is going to call police and kick the out ?
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