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  1. Martina out the door for Friday party at 2020! Loving the red lips!
  2. Remains to be seen. Radi and Mila was an interesting paring. My guess as it was a start of something new.....friendship or relationship. Seemed to be more relationship, but who knows with RLC, payments and reality!
  3. Something happen between Mila and Radi? They have done nothing but mope around for the last two days. What appeared to be a blossoming friendship/relationship, just went POOF!
  4. So, camcaps is back on the net! Apparently Martina's friend got into some trouble last night. Face is bruised and battered. M&A took her in, gave her ice for her face and fed her. Now she's crashed in the guest room.
  5. Nelly separated herself from the party to sit alone on her terrace. Too much to be that close to Martina and not touch her?
  6. OK . . sorry, only running 1 CamCaps Page for B2 and B2 page on RLC
  7. Hmmm. . . what is it in Mila's closet that she's showing Radi, but doesn't want the camera to see??
  8. I think that Radi stuff is at B4 for storage. My guess that she'll spend most of her time with Mila in B2. For a long time, that bedroom was occupied by two girls. Why not now and maybe in the future, for some period in time.
  9. Anyone know the whereabouts of Nelly? Martina and Alberto went out together earlier and now Alberto is back with the dogs . . all alone. Unless she's on the balcony. . . Bogdan is sleeping all alone.
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