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  1. Could have been someone she had past history with. She still talks to someone regularly on the phone.
  2. That wasn't Rocco. Seems like someone Holly knew as he showed up early in the morning. That was the day Megan and Ariana exited to B1 and gave them the run of the Jacuzzi.
  3. They all talk behind each others back in all the apartments. It's women for god sake. 😁
  4. FS expected to make a showing. Gina grabbed a bottle of bubbly and is waiting in her room. And already in the fuck me position.
  5. No, she talks to him regularly, even video bates with him. It's the covid restrictions and the quarantines they have to go through that is making a visit impossible. I think he lives and works in Italy.
  6. Maybe that was Ariana's advice to him - 'Get the fuck out while you still have a chance' 🤣
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