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  1. Is the bankruptcy due to Alberto's business and COVID? Bankruptcy is very hard! Depending on the laws, it may explain why neither has a job now and Martina is in school. I have to respect them both if bankruptcy is what occurred. Also, gives a better perception why they may be in RLC. They are both very intelligent and will bounce back from bankruptcy. As I listen to everyones perspectives on Martina being bi-sexually, Alberto excepting Martina and Nelly, it helps me to understand what they are both going through. Perhaps this relationship with Nelly was contractural to help RCL. I would s
  2. Today is Alberto's birthday? How old will he be? 28, 29, 30?
  3. Well.. Perhaps we know why Nelly was crying after the last alcoholic episode. Martina may have said she has to focus on the exam and will not be able to see her until afterward. And if that is true.. Martina most likely has not come to her senses, providing she is has someone mentioned Martina has always been Martina. So after the exam, many on the forum may get there wish to see more of Nelly and Martina sex shows. I would hope Alberto, as intelligent as I thought he might be should rethink his life. Martina can go it alone! Sure she bi-sexual, I have friends that are bi-sexual but they d
  4. I do not agree..The very first time they had sex in Megan's room, Bogdan was there in his room. I think about the time Nelly and Martina were in the Villa kitchen closet_Bogdan was there. Also another time on the balcony Nelly had her fingers in Martina. Not a sex making session but the first time Nelly was high with drugs and alcohol. Nelly and Martina were in the bed with Bogdan in the other bed. If it were up to Nelly that would the night for a 3-some.
  5. I am not abandoning her or him. But the forum seems to place her on a pedestal because of there need to want to get there guns off for her, which will never happen. All I am staying is she (Martina) needs to give more respect to the one who has her best interest in check and is always there for her. For her to not walk around with a wet pu...y for Nelly and to at least keep that in check for Alberto sake, herself and there future.
  6. Martina is full of it! She is one of those people who doesn't look down on who she is stepping on until it is too late. She is selfish, cold and only passionate with what is meaningful for her. She does't respect the one person who has helped her since she was 19. Alberto is smarter than most think..and I believe he is methodically planning something. Someone mentioned they had a conversation about pregnancy to her bejng bisexual and efing different men as oppose to women. Why would you have that conversation if you were not thinking! She is so smart and no one can stop her from doing wha
  7. Yes, I guess the creamy proof afterward could mean anything.
  8. It may have been under 10 minutes but she had several orgasms!
  9. Yes, M maybe a novelty but it may depend on who she brings home next to grind in front of the camera.
  10. I would also agree, no matter how hard is has been for Alberto to lose his business, and Martina her job, they both could be more loving and passionate with each other. Even as friends, if thats all it is growing to be. It does take 2 to tango or 3.
  11. I understand what is being said of Bogdan, but what about the support Alberto has provided to Martini. He doesn't get credit for sharing his girlfriend with other women. All I ever hear from this group is how he uses her a "cum dump". The passion is gone. Think about how we would all be if our girlfriend is love torn between a girl and guy. I think he has been very supportive. He lost his job with the pandemic and tries to keep the household together and going. Also, he has been dealing with Martini and Nelly, again another women relation. Whether he is good with sex are not, Martina is bi-
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