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  1. And even more so as long as Sara hangs out with the big pig
  2. Lovers? I haven't thought about it since the first time Nadia and Dima arrived
  3. I see it as difficult, easier for her to seduce him. I think right now Sara's attention is back on Karma if she wants views. We need to understand whether Karma will trust you or not
  4. Does it bother you so much when I talk? The truth hurts, doesn't it!!!!! I stop talking when I want but please don't stop, you are the only reason why I can laugh so much
  5. For your knowledge I only know what the girls in the house, in B7, in B5 and in B1, say. You are the only one talking about the letter to the employer and you provide many, perhaps too many, details, if you want to tell us how you know them. When you're looking for whoever did this cowardly shit, look in the mirror. It's just your habit to offend in the anonymity that the internet offers you. I only express my thoughts here and I will always have the pleasure of reading you so I find a reason to have a laugh. Just to give you a heads up I spend a lot more time watching Carolin and Rowena, I'm not obsessed with Karma, I just can't stand people like you. But I'm sure it's my flaw that I don't want to change. Someone told you a few days ago to calm down because, coincidentally I think, in every heated and offensive discussion that happens in here 9 times out of 10 one of the two is you.
  6. Did you write emails even when Sara and the pig were doing the same things?
  7. If the pig said these things, don't forget that he is the biggest liar on earth. The truth, if you know how to look for it, is another and is inside B4 and B7
  8. Of course, the pig can't come to B4 and she will have to do ......... alone!
  9. It's what almost everyone considers. You're happy, why not accept it?
  10. Karma in varie occasioni ha affermato che lui si è sposato, fin dalla seconda apparizione. Karma conosce la moglie di Chris ma non so se la moglie sa che lui la frequenta così assiduamente. Rallegratevi comunque perchè forse questa è l'ultima volta che vediamo Chris. Se ne partirà a breve per un lungo viaggio
  11. Let's make it clear that I don't follow her outside, she says what I write out loud when she talks at home or on the phone. However, I would be happy to know from you what she doesn't do, unlike the others: she masturbates, goes around naked, fucks without hiding, bathes naked in the pool. You do not like it? She looks at other apartments without thinking that she screws your money because it's mine too. When Daytona arrived everyone said that times were changing, RLC EVOLVED, IT HAD TO SATISFY ALL TASTES. The 40-year-olds will arrive, the fat ones will arrive, the "different" ones will arrive. I am satisfied so in May right after they kicked out the pig
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