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  1. Mais Il parle en espagnol. Ulyana ne parle pas Espagnol. Elle est Curly avont parle en Anglais apres la baisse.
  2. This is Barcelona. It is early yet. Do we know roughly where in Barcelona B2 is?
  3. As I wrote earlier she has been crying her a river all day. There is no doubt about how hurt she feels.
  4. Something else that works better in Scotland than in England 🙂
  5. No question that she is genuinely upset. She has spent the day crying a river.
  6. Slightly OT Gina ripped down his picture from her door with some vehemence.
  7. I hadn't appreciated how tall Mimi is. She towers over the others.
  8. I mean't the guy with the Tache who she fucked in the Bath in B1. He was spanish.
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