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  1. It is strange. Mimi is rather coy when getting dressed, but yet again she seems to have gone commando tonight.
  2. Cam 10 is definitely the opposite of a circus at the moment.
  3. I like the way she keeps her socks on 🙂
  4. Irma bating in the shower. Do you think she has been given a boot up the bum (metaphorically speaking)?
  5. Faith certainly is rubenesque and in the current pose quite attractive.
  6. I I think in the UK they are short of masks and so the Govt is playing the numbers game. Such masks as there are should go to medical workers etc.
  7. I think we should call her Faith. As in Faith can move mountains. She's a big girl!
  8. That's expensive 80 Euros for spending a penny. How much did Tina get for the 27/3
  9. Not nobody here in the U.K. but about 50%. The advice here is they aren't needed (or at least should be prioritised for health workers)
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